Nate Ain't Great

I have never been a Nate Robinson fan and last night was just the latest chapter as to why. Demar DeRozan would win the preliminary round of last night's slam dunk contest. He would have the only good dunk of the night with his second dunk of the opening round. Sonny Weems would pass it off the side of the back board, Demar caught it and spun around to the front of the net and slammed it down. It was the only 50 of the night and the only dunk even close to worthy of one by anyone.

Nate Robinson is a joke that isn't really funny. He in his first contest was soundly beaten by Andre Iguodala. The voters may not have agreed but any sound minded individual not influenced by Nate's lack of size would agree. Then you had last year's debacle in which Dwight Howard could have just handed him the trophy by allowing Nate to jump over him he pretty much gave him the ammo to defeat him. In that Dunk Contest Howard dunked on a 12 foot high net that was the real most impressive dunk. Then last night no one performed all that fantastic and Demar honestly had he hit his original first attempt at his second dunk even Nate and his lucky streaky would have ended.

As for the other 2 contestants they were truly brutal. Shannon Brown was a lot of people's favorite and to say he was brutal was a huge understatement. Kobe deserved more points for his participation in his dunk than Brown deserved for his dunk itself. Bryant a former slam dunk champ himself had to be sitting there think he could beat all of there guys even if he is currently injured. Speaking of Kobe, Tas Melas of the Basketball Jones actually was able to get an interview this the Laker star...Check it out. Tas and J.E Skeets are doing some fantastic stuff in Dallas so make sure you check out their stuff from all star weekend.

Mentioning The Basketball Jones was far more important than mentioning Gearld Wallace who basically showed up for the dunk contest and that was about all. So in the end Demar DeRozan got to the finals and got screwed. That being said Demar really had a chance to avoid the screw job had he only his his 2nd dunk on the first attempt in Finals. Robinson won the fan voting with just 51% of the vote in the end. As pathetic as it is to say is the only 3 time dunk champion in the history of the contest. Last night's event took the dunk contest a long way towards going back to mothballs. It was an event that for me really was not worth staying up till 2:30 am in the end. Why so late? I had to catch the replay on Raptors T.V cause I was watching John Wall play for Kentucky and he looked more impressive in the 2nd half then anyone in this dunk off minus the one dunk by Demar.

All Star Weekend limps to the finish today with the game itself and CB4 will be representing the Raptors and the East in his hometown. Like the athletes for Canada in Olympics CB4 will have some homecourt advantage as much as you can have in a 90,000 football stadium. Chris will be taking part in All-Star Game for 5th time.


  1. its stupid that the fans vote the winner

  2. Voting was messed up on NBA.com... whether that hurt Demar or not is unknown, but I would say with the Raptors' rabid online fanbase, I'm sure it didn't help DeMar's cause.

  3. Demar should have won it hands down, and plus, some people in the toronto area were having problems voting online. They kept getting the gateway error, as I did too. so... 51%?