Must Win Starting 5 V-Log Edition

I am making my way to Toronto for the Raptors and Nets tonight. But before I took of to catch the Go-Train thought I would but together a little video preview of the Raptors and Nets. The Nets are just an awful basketball team and the Raptors will face them 3 more times this season starting with tonight. Most experts think the Nets will make some unwanted history setting a new mark for the worst record all time in a season. The Philadelphia Sixers back in the 70's I believe it was had a season with just 9 wins which is the current standard for futility in the NBA. The Nets of late have been knocking on the door of victory but have not yet got an answer. The Raptor fan base is always a fragile one in terms of confidence at times and most fans will just hope to God the Raptors do not lose to the Nets in tonight's game or the other to contests left on the schedule. So here is more from me in video form. Honestly it is me, not hat and looking a bit dressed up. You got to look good when you are going to see the Nets and Vanilla Ice in the same night. O.K perhaps not but I try to look like I belong with the rest of the media folks when I head to the ACC.

Ok that is it for me I have to get ready to roll and back up and take this show on the road. Next Stop ACC and if you want to see what I am up to check out my twitter feed @dinonationblog.

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