The Dino Nation Blog is proud to welcome back one of my personal favourite segments that I have done. The Round Ball Review was actually a Radio Segment of a show called Jock Talk. I was the host of the segment. I had a partner doing it with me named Joe. I decided to make a cartoon of the Round Ball Review last year. Scott Carefoot had turned me on to the site that makes these cartoons come to life. Scott did his own for Raptorblog that pre-dated mine. I kept doing the roundball review until the site made it something you had to pay for. It may not shock anyone that the Dino Nation Blog is not exactly a big budget operation here so the extra cost for it was not something I felt made a ton of sense. The good news is that is no longer the case and the site now once again provides the material it takes to make the Round Ball Review happen again.

I get a lot of fun in making these and hope you will enjoy them and become a fan of them as I have in doing them. Nothing they take should be taken very seriously. I consider them as some comic relief for the site. Something that is still important. So enjoy the big return of the Round Ball Review.

So the Boys are back lord help us all. Joey G is a ton of fun to write for because honestly if you have been a fan of this thing...really is there anything he would say at this point that would shock you? Hope you enjoy and I will do my best to make this a regular feature on Mondays.

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