Time To Unleash The Beast- The Return Of Reggie

I am so happy today for Reggie Evans. When I traveled to Ottawa this year for training camp the first person I interviewed was Reggie. I was really upset when he went down in the pre-season vs Boston. I was so looking forward to the toughness and rebounding he would bring to the game. I don't think Reggie or anyone could have imagined that injury would end up keeping him out for so long.

The misfortune of Reggie has been the fortune for Amir Johnson. Johnson has filled the minutes that likely would have fallen mostly to Reggie. In conversations with Reggie I know he was happy for all the success Amir has had with that chance. As great as Amir has been there is something a little more in what you get from Reggie Evans in terms of rebounding and toughness. In terms of offense both guys are a bit challenged at times. But make no mistake about it Reggie will be a positive impact regardless of how many minutes he plays.

This has been the first time in Reggie's career he has had a major injury. In a interview here in the Dino Nation Blog he gave great credit to the Raptors training staff for keeping him positive. He also gave a lot of love to all of the fans that have been supportive towards him. When he is on Twitter on @ReggieEvans30 he can be seen talking with fans and giving away tickets to games. The Raptor fan base back in the pre-season loved Reggie and in both Ottawa and in London chants of REGGIE REGGIE were quick to start. This was the very first move of many that Bryan Colangelo made this past off-season. Now Bryan and all of us to see what Bryan had in mind for making this team tougher and giving the team a presence on the glass.

Some will say that I am not being objective when it comes to Reggie. I mean folks in the media seem to go out of their way to make sure they appear objective in covering things. I understand all of that but we are also human beings the same as anyone else. So, be it your reporting for a main stream media outlet, writing a blog, or just a fan of the team if you do not feel happy for Reggie you are heartless. Sometimes in sports the idea that these folks playing in the jerseys are people gets lost. So, I am not ashamed to say that I happy and thrilled to see Reggie back.

I am willing to wait a week or two to just be happy for a fellow human being (Who is a great person) and share in the excitement and joy in them working back to the point they can play, the sport they love and I love. Tonight the Raptors will take on the Sixers but for me it is all about #30 getting the chance to suit up and play.

Go Reggie Go......Unleash THE BEAST!!!

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