Ready Or Bosh Here We Go

So the biggest question will be is if Chris Bosh is able to go tonight vs Portland tonight at the ACC. This will be a tougher challenge then the Wizards or Nets that is for certain. Blazers are 33-26 and unlike the Raptors side on the edge of the playoffs in the West in the 8th spot in the West. Portland is just 5-5 in their last 10 games and enter the ACC tonight with 14-13 road record on the season. Portland had acquired Marcus Camby at the deadline and he may not play tonight as he turned his ankle vs the Nets in a win for the Blazers last night. Andre Miller, Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge combined for 75 points against the Nets. The Blazers have been bitten by the injury bug more than a few time in this season but have some how found a way to make it work. Makes you wonder why they would have taken a risk on Marcus Camby who from even the start of his career with the Raptors had his issues with injuries.

Be it a returning Bosh, Bargnani or someone else guarding LaMarcus Aldridge will be a challenge. Not to mention Roy and Miller. Earlier this season Miller went of for 50+ and Roy is also a guy that can go off as a scorer as well. Those 3 were pretty much 75% of the Blazers offense last night. Even with getting rid of what they did to get Camby this team does have a lot of depth not unlike that Raptors. Bayless, Fernandez, Webster and the ageless fab 5 member Juwan Howard give the Blazers lots of capable bodies coming of the bench.

Oh yeah there is some hockey game tonight so only the hardcore folks will be paying attention to Raps. For everyone else it will be some Hockey game between Russia and Canada. In fact if you catch games via the Radio tonight's game has been moved to the Dino Blogger's home town on CHML 900 AM. Which makes total sense because they have had me on as a basketball guest so many times. Oh wait no they haven't. But my hometown does have basketball fans. I will be addressing that issue come March with an event that will be starting in March. Details coming very soon in the Dino Nation Blog about basketball in my hometown.

It won't bother me a bit that Canada is playing Russia at the same time. Many won't believe it but I have not watched 1 second of Canada's Men's Hockey team. The theme of this Olympics has been "I Believe" and there is a song that if you have watched the Olympics you have heard at least 100 times by now. What I believe in is basketball and that is what I do everyday. If you enjoy hockey and care to watch it feel free. I have gotten to the point the over media coverage of hockey has made me tune it out. There is nothing where that is more clear than with the national Men's Hockey Team. I will watch the women play for Gold against the United States but in terms of the men's squad unlike the majority of this nation I am not obsessed with if Canada wins over Russia and goes on to win a medal or not. I am not cheering against them or anything just for me I would prefer to cheer for the rest of team Canada.

For example
Joannie Rochette was amazing. To skate with all that she must be feeling I really have no words. Anyone who has lost a parent understands. She is representing this country just days after her mother died in Vancouver as she had just arrived to watch her compete at the games. Joannie's performance last night was good enough to sit in 3rd place. However the courage that she showed will rival anyone in this basketball game tonight or this hockey game. In fact rival isn't even doing it justice. Surpass any performance we will see given her circumstances.

Pro athletes be it in Basketball or Hockey get paid very well to do what they do. Most of these athletes in Olympics do not make big dollars to compete in their sport. But they do not love it any less than pro athletes. I love my country and love basketball that I am proud to say it was invented by a Canadian. You can be a proud Canadian without watching hockey. I know that is a foreign concept for many in this country but it is true.

So be you watching Hockey or the Raptors the Dino Nation Blog will be here for you to make sure you know what went down at the ACC tonight. The indications are Bosh will be doubtful for this one. The idea to save him for when King James and his new friend Antwan Jamison coming to town Friday.

Couple Notes for you all. First some history for you all. I use to be a wrestling fan so I like to think of this as a Mega Powers like moment. The Dino Blogger for the first time EVER crosses the boarder and goes into the Raptors Repulic. Go check out my interview with PH-D Steve who was also my opponent in the Pros vs Joes Contest. Steve won are battle and I am pretty sure will win the contest. Good luck to him and I plan on having him come to visit our site in a future Starting 5. We had come up with this idea based on meeting each other through the contest.

Also I will be liveblogging the next 2 Raps games for The Score so if you must watch the Hockey game you can keep up on Raps with me on the liveblog while you watch. I will have linkage for you later today.


  1. Heard you on the Republic with PhD Steve. Insightful and overall a good listen. If you're comparing this to the Mega Powers, who's Hogan and who's Savage? And is Raptorspace Kat playing the role of Miss Elizabeth? Ha!

  2. I am definitely Savage I can do the voice cold. Kat as Elizabeth that is a hoot. I would feel more like George the Animal Steel in comparison to her. But just more a comment of Dino Nation Blog and Raptors Republic being to of the bigger blogs out there and first time we have done anything together.