Boshless Raptors Take On Nets

So some folks thing the Raptors can be o.k should Chris Bosh leave in 2010. Well let this be your preview of the future without him... kind of. Paul Jones (@Paul__Jones on Twitter) tweeted this stat for us all, with No Bosh the Raptors are 17-36 with a .321 winning percentage. Jonesy gives credit to John Rusin who fans may know better as " Jumping Johnny Rusin " back in the Swirsky era of Raptors basketball. Normally you would not sweat the 5-49 Nets even if it is a road game. But when you consider that stat it does make you a bit concerned.

What the Raptors will need to address most of all is how you replace the Bosh and his 24.5 points on offense. Up to this point Bosh had played and started every game this season. He had said that it was the most energy and he had never felt better this deep into an NBA season. Jay Triano said he is hopeful that Bosh will be ready to go vs Washington on Saturday. It will be a rare Saturday night contest on the CBC with Hockey taking a break for the Olympics. Obviously it is not just Triano hoping for Bosh to be ready to roll for that game. Bosh was a huge factor in keeping the Raptors in a game vs Memphis where the Raptors came out flat as a pancake.

Hedo Turkoglu had 1 point and 1 ball in that game vs Memphis. The Raptors will need a heck of a lot more than that if they hope to avoid what would be an embarrassing loss to the Nets. Jarret Jack also had a night to forget and he needs to bounce back strong as well. Some others the Raps need to step up to make up for no Bosh would include Demar DeRozan and Andrea Bargnani. But beyond those starters the combination of Reggie Evans and Amir Johnson will have the bulk of the responsibility for making up for the 11.4 rebounds that Chris Bosh also provides.

A Word On Deadline

The Raptors as I was telling you did not make a move. There was a rumour of a deal with the Lakers that would have saw Powell and Vujacic coming to the Raptors for Banks and O'Bryant. However no miracle for Bryan Colangelo on that one. It would have been one too when you consider Banks and O'Bryant when this team is healthy are always a lock to be on the in-active list. The Celtics did make a move and while some praise the addition of Nate Robinson to the Celtics I think it was an epic failure for Danny Angie. The Celtics needed a major shake up and adding the Mascot of the Slam Dunk Contest was not what most had in mind. Raptor fans should know the value of a guy like Eddie House for that team and unless Ray Allen "Finds his Game" the Celtics will miss House and his 3 point shooting ability. House in that Knick system should have a lot of fun and Raps should take note of him when they play the Knicks 2 more times in March and April. The Cavs adding Jamison make them the massive favourite in the East as far as I am concerned. The Magic Hawks and Heat like the Raptors all stood pat. The only other team in the current playoff mix that made moves was the Chicago Bulls. Actually my surprise playoff pick the Bobcats also made a move so my bad Bobcats.

@jalenrose Meet @dinonationblog

The Knicks cleared a ton of cap space and look to be making a push to get to stars in the 2010 lotto. They will end up with just 4 players under contract. You will remember Jalen Rose once guaranteed that James and Bosh going to New York would happen in 2010. I mention this cause I had a little twitter exchange with the former Raptor who for the record I am a big fan of. I love the Michigan Wolverines and was a big fan of Jalen from his days at Michigan. Here is what the exchange was.

@jalenrose- "
I majored in broadcasting because I was annoyed by so many "shock media reporters"..who throw stones in glass houses! Judge but cant play?!"

@dinonationblog- "So that is why you Guaranteed Bosh and James would be Knicks cause you don't like shock reporting? Just saying Jalen #GoBlue"

@jalenrose- "
that day...that was the case...I KNOW BOTH situations & camps VERY well..minds change daily...it still may happen...right?"

@dinonationblog- "
May yes but Guarantee no. You played here you know how T-Dot is and the fragile nature of Raps fans about guys leaving."

So that was the exchange and I thought it was interesting. I am proud of all Jalen has accomplished in broadcasting. To his credit even in his playing days he was working towards a career in sports broadcasting. He has made a very easy transition to it. I have no doubt he knows the situation better than me. He knows far more people and has far more contacts than me. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that. He should have known as a former Raptor what that comment would mean in terms of Toronto. He himself said things change daily so if that is the case why make the guarantee? I like Jalen, and someday would love to interview him and talk about not just this but many things. He is a guy that knows the game well and has done a great job in his post NBA career in broadcasting. Will It happen that I ever interview him? No idea but I have learned in doing this blog this long never to say never about anything. Jalen Rose has an open invitation to be in the DNB's Starting 5 anytime. So someone let him know OK? But seriously check out Jalen's website and hear his takes on the NBA. Majority of them I enjoy just that one about the Knicks was not among them. Hope I haven't ticked off one of the Fab 5 at me.

So enough about Tweeting and Twitter. Raptors if they were to lose Bosh in the short term to injury as they have, it could not have happened at better time with Nets and Wizards as the next 2 games and a very like February schedule overall. I am live blogging the next 2 games for The Score so be you Jalen Rose or just your average Raptors fan I will have a link for you later in the day to come experience all the action with me of the Raptors game tonight with the Nets.

Update 5:10pm

As promised you link to Raptors vs Nets on @The Score.com and Score Mobile. I will kick things off around 7:50pm

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