Demar Ain't Done

Demar DeRozan moved on to beat Eric Gordon Getting 61% of the vote and this is how he did if you happened to be watching the Olympics and missed it.

(Courtesy of Raptors.com/NBA.com)

As you can see Demar didn't really have to push himself that hard to advance. In those highlights it leaves out the many missed attempts by Eric Gordon. Basically This Dunk Contest was pretty much over after the first dunk. Demar did a V.C like between the legs dunk and honestly made it look easy. Gordon blew like 3 or 4 attempts and that was pretty much it. Demar played it conservative and threw down what for him is a basic dunk and he was off to tonight's dunk off. NBA.Com had the wrong picture above is name for online voting but it didn't matter.

So now we see what Demar truly has in his bag of tricks tonight. Rumour has it he has some sort of Michael Jackson gimmick cooked up. That should play well with a massive crowd at Cowboys Stadium. Demar has never lost a dunk contest on any level and he seems to love and embrace that concept. I have talked with him personally on a couple of occasions and he seems pretty matter a fact about it all. By the way did you notice last night he gave a chest bump to former Raptor Jerome Williams in the front row last night. Demar is in this thing to win it. His approach last night seemed to suggest that. He was not going to show the world his full bag of tricks just yet. Tonight he will bust out the whole package of tricks.

Heir Canada will be born tonight in Dallas. Go Demar Go. Make Raptor fans proud. If you would like to hear/read previous interviews with double d just use our search engine on the right. I have had the chance to talk with Demar 4 or 5 times since training camp in Ottawa when I first met him. He is a very nice young man that as a most times quiet confidence. Although ask him who will win a dunk off between him and Sonny Weems and that confidence will be loud. Both Weems and Jarrett Jack are rumoured to be part of the show tonight assisting Demar in his effort to be Dunk Champion. Unfortunately unless you have TSN2 you are out of luck in watching it. But don't worry video moves fast in this world and you can bet highlights will be up in an instant.

So best of luck to Demar DeRozan and here is hoping we are talking about the 2010 Slam Dunk Champion from your Toronto Raptors tomorrow in Dino Nation Blog.


  1. It will be huge for interest in Derozan and his Raptors if he does win it all. He seemed very ho hum about it all yesterday. He can't save all his best stuff for the final round 'cause he may not get there. And he'll have to do a better job of selling his dunks, with the swagger and emphatic finishes. I remember Moon looking all sheepish after his dunks, which did not bode well for his scores.

  2. I disagree with you a bit. I thought the chest bump with JYD was spontaneous and pretty cool but DD even admitted in his comments he was holding back which I am sure Eric Gordon was thrilled to here.

  3. Yeah, yeah, the chest bump was great! Couldn't tell it was JYD until the announcers mentioned who it was. I thought it was Kareem, lol. But I didn't really hear the crowd giving him much love. 61% to 39%?? It should've been a much higher margin of victory... who these fools that voted for Gordon? Problem is, Demar makes his dunks look so effortless. I do think whatever he's planning with Sonny will go over well. Hopefully it'll have the same effect that Tracy had with Vince.