Starting 5 With Demar DeRozan

Was at the ACC last night and got a chance to catch up with Demar DeRozan and talk about his dunk off with Eric Gordon and his thoughts on that. We also talk about what his thoughts are just over half way home in his first NBA season. What is the biggest difference Demar sees in himself when he watches film from recently compared to the start of the season? It was a brief chat but hopefully a good one as Demar is looking forward to All-Star Weekend in Dallas and making his return to the Raptor line-up. He had tweeted that Sunday might be a possible return date and given how he was playing prior to going out the Raptor and fans will be happy to have him back in the fold. He has been replaced in the starting line-up by his good buddy or as he says in the interview "His Man" Sonny Weems who had his first career double double last night. Sonny also appears to be part of the game plan for the Dunk Contest as well.

Good luck to Demar in Dallas and more importantly for fans of Raptors in the post All-Star portion of the season. He really seems to have turned a corner and the fact he is not in the Rookie vs Sophomore game is a joke. But if Demar could win the Dunk Contest and be key for the Raps down the stretch he could very well have the last laugh.

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