CB4 Meet Ari Gold... Sorta

So Chris Bosh is hiring Ari Gold to be his agent? Dang!!! Well not exactly but a story by Mark Spears from Yahoo has got everyone buzzing. The 2010 Trio all might be considering going the Ari Gold route or in reality CAA (Not Canadian Auto Association)- Creative Artists Agency. That is a Hollywood "A" List style agency much like the one portrayed in the show Entourage. Ari Gold would drool at the client list these guys have in reality. Brad Pitt, Will Smith, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts among them. Recently this agency has tried to invade the sporting world landing Soccer star David Beckham, Super Bowl QB Peyton Manning , Jimmy Johnson Nascar Champion and Derek Jeter World Series Champion. In B-Ball they already represent Carmelo Anthony, Allen Iverson and Tony Parker.

It is not really news that Bosh has other interests beyond basketball. He starred in his own DVD "First Ink" that he also helped produced if memory serves me right. Bosh has worked for NBA-TV and the Tonight Show back when Jay Leno was hosting the first time. Bosh likes to explore options beyond basketball and that is not a secret. Safe to say this agency can offer him a ton of ideas in this regard. What does this mean for his basketball future? That is the real question isn't it. Can an agency like this in a down economy generate 30 million dollars in extra revenue that could make walking on the Raptors at least not a penalty for Bosh financially. Not sure if that is possible.

I will say this though in terms of Hollywood vs The Sports world I think Toronto as a city is more respected as a city by the Hollywood folks. Many movies get made in Toronto not as many as in the past with the rise of the Canadian dollar but it is a popular place to make a film. So could CB4 be a sidekick to Will Smith in a movie shot in T.O? Maybe but the point that I am trying to make is Toronto is not thought of in the Hollywood world as this far off strange land. Also could an agency like this see the unique opportunity to market Bosh in Canada and make him the big fish in the small pond of Canada in terms of advertising. While still offering him some chances in the U.S as well.

The truth is at the very end of the article it says that all 3 of Bosh, James and Wade will ultimately go where they want to go at the end of the day. Which takes us back to square 1 does it not?

So do not read this story and think that anything has changed in terms of Bosh being traded at the deadline. It will not change the game plan to keep Bosh and look to re-sign him. Besides what NBA G.M would do better with an Ari Gold style agent than Bryan Colangelo? I can't think of any off the top of my head? There is also a rumour that the Nets want to steal B.C away from T.O. But he likely watched the game Wednesday in fact not likely I saw him there so once he has watched the Nets do you really think he wants that headache? He is a lot closer to his goal in Toronto then he would be in New Jersey.

I think everyone will be happy when trade deadline has come and gone so we can all get on board with what Bosh has been doing all season. Focus on winning and this season. What a great and novel concept. You can see why Hollywood will love this guy. He thinks out of the box.

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