The Starting 5- NBA Vancouver???

The days of the Naismith Cup are long gone. The Raptors and Grizzlies shared birth into the NBA and while Toronto celebrates 15 years in the NBA, you can find the Grizzlies Franchise in Memphis with not much interest despite an improved team on the court this year. I recently became aware that the Dino Nation Blog was quoted on a website. I guess at some point in the Dino Nation Blog I made mention of the joke that Memphis is as an NBA Franchise in terms of support. So where I found this was a site called VancouverNBA.org.Beyond the fact I was pretty stunned to see myself quoted with Steve Nash, David Stern and Eric Smith who has been a great help to me and the Dino Nation Blog. I was interested in this site and what it was all about. I have always thought that Stu Jackson and his terrible management is a BIG reason the Grizzlies died in Vancouver. I still say if they drafted Steve Nash the team likely still exists in Vancouver. I would learn a bunch of things including the person who started this site is not even a Vancouver resident. In fact as you will hear he has never even been to Vancouver. So Why? Well that is why you do interviews I guess to find answers to questions and get to know people. So I chatted this afternoon with Damir Celikovic is the founder and web designer of this site. I hope you will find this as interesting conversation as I did.

Do I have any idea if the Grizzlies or a team of some other name will roam in Vancouver again? No but can a site like this at least help that cause? Absolutely. The Dino Nation Blog is a site that is primarily about the Raptors. However as long time readers know, I am passionate about not just the Raptors but growing the game in this country on all levels. I want to one day see a Canadian in a Raptor Jersey. Maybe it can be a jersey with Vancouver on it. At least a site like this can keep hope alive for that happening. I credit Demir for having the passion and desire to create this site. Some may say that it is nuts to think NBA will comeback to Vancouver or even add a 2nd franchise in Canada again. However the economics are far better now to do it when they were at time the Raptors and Grizzlies entered the league in terms of the strength of the dollar. A side from that if people don't dream big they will never accomplish anything. I am proof of that. So is a white kid from B.C that went to a small school in Santa Clara and would go on to be a 2 time MVP of the NBA. Steve Nash was likely considered nuts along the way as well. Best of luck to Demir and you can track his and the sites progress on @vancouvernba on Twitter. This I believe was the first Interview Demir had done about the site and I think despite having a bit of nerves he did a great job. I am honored he allowed me to help tell his story. I wish him all the best and good luck in his efforts. So I encourage you to go check out the site and support basketball period. I think in hockey mad Canada basketball fans from coast to coast share a bond in some respects.

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