"Bosh Returns to Toronto" Game Recap

This was billed "Boshmageden" and did not live up to the hype. Fans seemed subdued at the start, then booed Bosh every time he touched the ball. But it wasn't as bad as everyone thought it was going to be. In fact, he even received some approval in the form of cheers and clapping as he left to the locker room at the end of the game. For the Raptors tonight, Andrea Bargnani put up serious points (38) and effort against an elite team like Miami and showed he is capable of scoring against any team in the NBA. Ed Davis grabbed 13 rebounds and played 22 minutes tonight and seemed to fight every minute. Jose Calderon also was able to read the hot hands so-to-speak and get the ball to where it needed to be. Here is your recap:

1st Quarter:

  • During Miami Heat introductions, Chris Bosh was booed but not that bad. Raptors introduction showed some extra pizazz to get the fans going.
  • Jose Calderon, DeMar DeRozan, Sonny Weems, Amir Johnson and Andrea Bargnani start for the Raptors.
  • Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Zydrunas Ilgauskus and Mario Chalmers start for the Miami Heat.
  • Demar DeRozan missed a good first break. But it's made up for later with a 3 from Bargnani.
  • Chris Bosh gets his first shot knocked away. @10:00 Raptors 6-2.
  • Another three from Bargnani and draws the foul. 0-1 at the line.
  • Bosh's first bucket came with throng of boos at just under 9 minutes.
  • LeBron James ties the score at 12 with any easy 2 points and draws the foul. 1-0 at the line at just over 6 minutes.
  • Bosh's first trip to line 2-0 at just over 5 minutes.
  • DeRozan with the slam with less than 2 minutes left - Miami 24-23.
  • Amir ties the score at 25 with a rebound off his own missed shot.
  • Miami 29-27 going into the second quarter.

1ST QUARTER THOUGHTS: Raptors displayed some good energy; however, they were not doing a good job of capitalizing on Miami's turnovers. Miami was taking some easy shots and barley hung onto the lead.

Second Quarter:
  • Bosh fouled hard by Ed Davis. Bosh was 2-0 at the line at just under 11 minutes. Still getting booed every time he touched the ball.
  • Timeout by Jay Triano. 37-33 Miami.
  • Jaryd Bayless puts up two to make it 37-35 but Wade makes it a 4 point game shortly after.
  • 41-37 Miami @ 6:18 - so far not the "Boshmagedden" some people were billing this as.
  • Ed Davis with the slam at over 6 mins to brings Raps within 2. 41-39 Miami.
  • Bosh fouled by DeRozan on a line drive. Bosh was 2-0 at the line. 43-39 Miami.
  • Amir fouled by Bosh on what would have been a nice reversal. Amir was 1-1 from the line.
  • A nice slam by Bargnani to get the Raptors within 1 point off the lead. 43-42 Miami.
  • Jose kicks it out to Derozan to make it 50-46 Raptors. Lebron gets the ball and runs down the clock, attempts the 3 and misses.

2ND QUARTER THOUGHTS: Ed Davis worked hard on grabbing those offensive rebounds and certainly has been a key to the Raptors' survival at this point in the game. Amir Johnson also grabbing rebounds with 9 boards at this point. The Raptors are not finishing their inside drives but holding down the scoring from Miami to 21 points from 29 in the first. Although Miami is hanging on to a slim lead, they should be leading by over 10 at this point if they wanted to show support for their teammate Chris Bosh and get him the win. At the half, Bosh has 14 points, Wade with 10.

Third Quarter:
  • Andrea Bargnani with the pull away jumper. LeBron gets a technical and Jose Calderon takes the shot and misses.
  • Offensive foul on Amir Johnson and seconds later another foul for Amir - his third at this point - on Dwayne Wade. Wade goes 1-0.
  • Sonny Weems 2-0 at the line - his first two points of the game.
  • With a reverse layup, Bosh racks up 20 points Miami 60-50 @8:30.
  • Bargnani delivers a solid three point shot to bring Raps within 7.
  • DeRozan is fouled on a drive and goes 2-0 at the line 7:43.
  • A sloppy turnover by the Raps in their own end and Wade capitalizes with the steal and extra point. Ed Davis made the attempt to defend but no dice.
  • Demar goes inside to bring the score within 10 points. Miami doing a good job of getting inside from quick passing on transition.
  • Davis steps out of bounds and ball bounces off Barbosa - possession Miami. Raptors are looking worn.
  • Raps pass picked off by Chalmers to James for the Jam 75-67.
  • Barbosa fouled -trying for 2- by Chalmers and is 2-0 from the line.

3RD QUARTER THOUGHTS: The Raptors were looking worn and Miami trying to hide their -what could be interpreted as-complacency. I think Miami arrived in Toronto thinking this was going to be an easy win for them but the Raptors are refusing to give up. Key Raptors so far? Jose Calderon, Andrea Bargnani and Ed Davis.

Fourth Quarter:
  • Raptors down by 8, 80-72 Miami.
  • Bargnani hits a 3 and makes it a five point game.
  • Andrea Bargnani hits a 3 to make it a 6 point game - 88-82 Miami. DeRozan hits a jumper off a Miami turnover and makes it 88-84 - Raptors scoring 5 straight points.
  • Bargnani gets 31 points on the night so far with 2 points is fouled and is 1-0 at the line.
  • Raptors get the ball back after a Miami missed shot. Calderon gets it to DeRozan who is called for travelling off the shot. If DeRozan hit that one, would have been a turning point for the Raptors.
  • James denied by Amir Johnson as he drives to the basket and is fouled.
  • Davis takes the rebound from James and Raptors gain possession but no shot connecting.
  • Bayless drives inside and flips a pass out to Calderon who in turn passes to Bargani who hits the three. Nice passing to bring the score within 4 with less than three minutes left.
  • 97-90 @1:36 with a Timeout from Jay Triano.
  • Andrea Bargnani hits another three to get 38 on the night, DeRozan helps with another successful drive.
  • Miami runs down the clock and makes a few shots to win it 103-95.

4th QUARTER THOUGHTS: Ed Davis really stepped up tonight and showed how fearless he can be. This was especially shown when he fought LeBron James for the ball, if only the Raptors ensuing possession produced any points. The Raptors certainly played with heart and stepped up their play also against an elite team. Bosh left to the locker room at the end of the game to half boos, half cheers. 25 points and 6 rebounds for Bosh on this game - he did what he had to do to silence the half of the ACC who were booing him and walk away with a win.

Thanks to everyone who tuned into the DNB tonight for your "Bosh returns to Toronto" recap and to those of you who checked out the ustream feed from the party. Also, much love to St. Louis Wings for putting out the spread for the DNB's "UnWelcome Back Bosh Bash". Tune into www.cjlo.com at about 12 midnight to hear our own James Borbath (Dinoblogger) talking about tonight's game on the radio for basketball fans in Montreal. Have a great night and see you tomorrow for more "Behind Enemy Lines" and a look ahead to next weeks games for the Raptors after the All-Star break.

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  1. Have to disagree about noise level. Julian Wright from the Raptors ended up at St Louis Wings after the game and had a brief chat with him. He thought it was pretty loud. It was at the Party too. Not V.C or T-Mac loud but still loud. At the end the Kisses Bosh blew and the cheers seemed both Sarcastic on Bosh's part and on the Fans part.