Starting 5- With Kat From Your Raptors Dance Pak

Today in the Starting 5 with have the Captain of you Raptors Dance Pak and the host of Raptors Space on Raptors-TV...Kat. I have sometimes set some things through Twitter in the past and this is how I got to know her. This was something that I was going to do awhile ago but there were some snags on both sides of things. Making schedules fit together and what not. However I am kind of happy it took a bit. Reason I say this is cause through tweeting back and forth I got to know her a bit and hope that makes this interview better for it. The Raptors started the project that is Raptorspace which is for lack of a better term the Raptor version of facebook I guess. The website has also turned into a T.V show on Raps T.V that attempts to make the fans the star of the show or at least part of it. In fact I actually have been on I am told. It must be true I saw a Tweet promoting the show that had my Twitter in it. The host for this show is of course Kat. So in are conversation we talk about how this all came to be. We get into all of how she came to be the host of this show and how she balances that along with still being part of the Dance Pak. In addition the Dance Pak got to perform as part of the Vanilla Ice halftime show and we talk about that whole experience. Along with her taking on a rather large role in the interacting with the fan base. This plus some other wacky fun. She really is a great person and I actually met her in my travels around the ACC while covering the Nets game this past Wednesday. You can follow her on Twitter @RaptorspaceKat which we also talk about. By the way the same person actually designed our twitter background's a Raptors fan in Poland who is a regular reader of the Dino Nation Blog. She is someone who has drive and passion for what she is doing and as I say to her in the interview I can see her being a Raptor fan even if she was not on the Dance Pak or Raps T.V. We had fun chatting so hope you will enjoy it.

I promised that I would go back and see what Lexi had answered to the whole dances with the stars thing and my memory rocks it was Mo-P. I hope you enjoyed this chat with Kat and you can see her out on the floor and doing all her stuff with the Dance Pak as well as on Raptorspace which I believe normally airs at 6:30 on Thursdays and it can be found on Raptors.com as well eventually. There is also of course the Website Raptorspace.com as well. That is where some of the material gets taken for the show. In addition Kat does a hit on the Gate 5 live show for Raptors home games on Raps T.V. It was fun talking with her and hopefully she will make some time to come visit again down the line. Here is a picture of her with the Hip Hoop Junkies who are like the Dino Nation Blog part of the family here at The Score Sports Federation. You can often catch some stuff from them on the RaptorSpace show.

Just a reminder as well you can still get Raptors Dance Pak Calenders with money from that going to the Team Up Foundation which some may remember as the Raptors Foundation. They do great work with mostly things geared at youth in Toronto and Southern Ontario.


  1. No idea. That really is not the point to the interview. I wouldn't ask a male guest that question so why would I a female? keeping it professional here.

  2. Is she really tall or are those guys really short?

  3. We met at the ACC and I am 6ft tall and she was not in the Dance Pak gear and was not signigantly shorter then me. I have never met Romy (One of the Guys in the photo so no idea how tall he is) So in a long winded way...yes and yes?