Angry Celtics Come A Calling

The Raptors will be undermanned today as the take on the Celtics. Gone are Jack, Andersen and Banks. The new Raptors are expected to be ready for action on Wednesday. So the no brainer of the day is Jose Calderon will start at point guard. Leandro Barbosa could return today and given the trade made I would almost guarantee he will. Why I say that is the Raps would have no experienced point guard to back up Jose if he doesn't. Rajon Rondo is a game time decision but he did travel to Toronto and I am betting he plays as well.

The Basics: Boston 9-3 (4-2 Road Record) Raptors 4-9 ( 2-3 at Home)

When Last We Saw Them: The Raptors looked good and rebounded from a bit of a 3rd quarter meltdown to re-take the lead and get a win over Houston. It was a great performance from the bench with Calderon, Klezia and the now departed for New Orleans David Andersen all having good performances.

Key Match-Ups: Shaq and whoever the Raptors decide to put on him. Shaq in a loss to the Thunder had a retro performance early in that game and was able to get easy scores in the paint. I am saying Rondo will play and if he does Jay Triano would be a crazy man if Jose Calderon is guarding him so it would probably be DeRozan or Weems matched up with Rondo. Anytime Calderon is on Rondo he will get beat it is that simple. If there is one point guard who has taken Jose to school more then Rajon Rondo I am not aware of who he is.

Other things of note: You can check me out liveblogging this game for The Score.com and Mobile. The Celtics as mentioned are coming in off a loss to the Thunder who were without K.D and Boston was without Defence for 3 Quarters of this game. Glen Davis thinks he is a jumper shooter and he is not. Along with Rondo, both K.G and Paul Pierce were banged up vs the Thunder but I expect all 3 to play and play well. Just in case no word on if Paul Pierce's wheelchair made it through customs.

DNB Scavenger Hunt Clue # 2- This DNB guest was historic as she was the first female we had in the Starting 5. I even mention it at the start of the Interview

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