A VERY SHORT Recap of Raps and Wiz

So I had to work for The Score doing some college ball. Never to early to start that draft research. So I hoped on twitter and turned on the game. Was about 1 minute left in half and Raps were losing. So I threw it out on Twitter asking how the game had gone to that point. Here is a sampling of the responses

@oveofthegame10 @dinonationblog Raps were down big early, Raps have been getting owned on the boards all game! Raps been slowly getting back in the game


@dinonationblog boring...really ugly start. but they're hanging around.

@Ronny006 @dinonationblog Raps trail 47-54, game is boring, Bargnani is crap, Weems is Money, McGee is a beast and did I mention Bargnani is crap

O.K this is not sounding good is it. But the best was yet to come. Jack Armstrong asks Jay Triano something to the effect of what are the problems the team is having. Triano responds by saying pretty much everything and that teams effort was horrible. and wait for it. Was playing like Horses#!t.

Wow so I really missed an entertaining first half. Keeping in mind the Wizards had no John Wall or Yi. Can't tell you how glad I was that I worked and how much I was not looking forward to the 2nd half.

It did not take long before I understood what people had been watching and why Jay was totally frustrated with his team. A team that was competitive when last I saw them with 2 solid efforts against what will end up being the top 2 teams in the East. They looked nothing like that. In fact the Ohio State team that I just finished watching may well have been able to beat the Raptors the way they were playing. On a side note remember the name Bullinger you will be hearing it around the draft I can almost guarantee it. He is a freshman big at OSU and he looks like he can make the jump to the NBA without breaking a sweat. Unlike Greg Oden without breaking his body as well.

So where was I. Oh that's right the Raptors completely sucking. Seriously on defence as times they were just standing around like pylons on the court. When Marcus Banks is getting minutes you know we have issues. I was told Jose Calderon had foul troubles among other things. To be completely honest at some point Twitter became more entertaining than the game.

Granted I only saw one half but if the assessment of my Twitter Followers and the Coach is correct I will take them at their word. So that combined with what I witnessed equals perhaps the worst overall performance of the season by this basketball team? Seems about right. How they figure this out in less than 24 hours to play a team, like Washington, that they are capable of beating in Philadelphia is any one's guess.

For the record the Raptors lost 109-94 and quite honestly the score flatters the Raptors. I am suppose to be heading to Toronto to watch the game at Real Sports tomorrow. I am not sure I can be out in public and around alcohol if they play like that again. I am only joking mind you, drinking never solves anything, and it won't change the fact the Raptors are a team that without effort will be killed by anyone in this league. I am glad I am not on that plane heading to Philadelphia.

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