Raptors vs Heat- DNB Game Notes

I had to work and am watching the Raptors and the Heat via a replay so instead of the standard recap just thought we would do it in game notes. I am writing this intro prior to the game. What I am expecting to see is a big performance from Bosh. For a couple reasons. First from Bosh's prospective this is the organization that he gave seven years to that called him a quitter.Second I think that his fellow super friends will want to help Bosh have a big night. If Bosh has all the pride he talks a lot about this is a game that it has to appear on the floor. Will see what happens Amir Johnson and Reggie Evans are likely going to be very physical with him to try to prevent that.

1st Quarter

  • Heat get a 7-0 run to start and Bargnani can't beat Big Z twice. Raps 0-4 to start. This could be a long night. Early Triano Time-out.
  • Demar gets to the line... that is good out coming out of the time out. Weems a score. I have been saying it since pre-season play Sonny and Demar together.
  • Terrible spacing from the Raps but Weems right up the gut for easy score that has been one of knocks on Miami lack of paint presence.
  • Wade and Lebron off to good starts and it is 15-6 all Heat early.
  • Amir takes it at Bosh and draws the foul.
  • Raptors Butter James Knife = Easy Lebron score down the lane.
  • Bosh gets an early exit less than 6 minutes in he subs out for Haslem.
  • Heat 9/15 Raptors 2/10 <
  • Jones getting open looks from 3.
  • Speaking of 3's Money Weems makes another 3 after the big one last night. Johnson a quick 2 fouls and with Reggie Evans out with the flu not good.
  • Back to back possessions ending in steals.
  • Raptors shooting is just awful. That being said they are only down 26-19. make it 5 Weems starting and has 10.
  • Jame Jones a big 3 to close the Quarter. Heat lead 34-25
  • Weems played the full 12 minutes or close to it.

2nd Quarter

  • 59.1 % Heat and Raptors 38.1% ---Not Good
  • Julian Wright a nice spin move made Bosh look silly but couldn't finish.
  • 1 think Raps are doing is rebound offensive board leads to a 3. Heat 0 offensive rebounds.
  • Note to Raptors James Jones can make 3's might want to guard him shooting 48% on the season 39-28 Heat.
  • Nice shot by Bosh...not confirmed by Grandma liked that 1. Next possession Bosh misses on a jumper.
  • Uno Dose etc as Miami went under a screen showing Jose no respect and he made them pay with the 3.
  • More love for Jose as he pushes the ball hitting Weems leading to the foul. Raps trail 41-34.
  • Bargnani a turnover and he is 0-7 with 6 rebounds...More then Bosh but he has been brutal rebounds aside.
  • Amir in foul trouble..yeah we have become use to that.
  • Bosh schools Andersen scores and 1.
  • Bargs final hits and it is a 3.
  • Bargs hit the side of the backboard it come back to him and he scores.. Kevin Love look out Bargnani has 7 rebounds...LOL...Kidding.
  • Bargs heating up 3 of his last 4 but Raps still down 50-41.
  • Sonny is Money again hits the jumper but the other way Wade take DeRozan to school 56-45.
  • Wade again take Double D to the hole and he has 17....time out Triano.
  • Bargnani gets his lunch money taken by James but he missed the lay-up in transition.
  • Bosh a rebound REALLY and gets it to James no miss this time Miami on 12-4 run and Heat lead 63-47.
  • Alabi sighting with 18.2 seconds to play in half.
  • Julian Wright denies Lebron but Raps still in trouble.
  • 63-50 at the Half for the MWO

3rd Quarter

  • DeRozan gets stripped and Jack forced to make smart foul on James avoiding the easy score.
  • Andrea with Bosh on him and his jumper falls short. Heat score off the miss and lead by 16.
  • Tough night for Double D on defensive end as Wade blows by him and scores.
  • Amir with 3 fouls draws the charge on Bosh and he now has 3.
  • Bosh the one handed jam and one take that Toronto he threw that down. Converts and 1.
  • Amir has a couple baskets back to back and has 6 in Quarter.
  • Jarret Jack not a great night finally makes his first FG.
  • Bosh picks up his 4th and has to have a seat.
  • Bargnani get rebounds off his own misses that is how he can get rebounds we found the secret.
  • Wright to Dorsey for the SLAM Raptors down 10 ....Another score make it 8. Raps making it a little closer.
  • Wade draws the foul on Jose trying to stop this 12-2 Raptors Run.
  • Anthony has it stripped and the Raptors cut the lead to 5.
  • Raptors on a 16-3 run in the last 5:45.
  • Julian Wright Fearless takes it right at Anthony and draws a foul.
  • Joey Dorsey throws someone (James Jones) to the floor a silly foul his 5th.
  • DeRozan goes right at James in transition and scores.
  • Haslem on the James assist nails the jumper.
  • After 3 Heat 83 Raptors 73 <>

4th Quarter

  • Bosh back in offensive board then gets to line on a Bargnani foul (Bosh 12/5 on night)
  • DeRozan and James Jones trade hoops. Then DeRozan again. 87-77
  • Calderon his a runner has 13 and is 5 of 6 on the night. Raps only down 6..time out Miami.
  • Out of time Amir scores of a Heat miss lead down to 4.
  • Heat Score and DeRozan looks for a call the on other end doesn't get one.
  • Big Z and Bargnani trade baskets and C.B is chilling on the bench.
  • Amir picks up his 5th foul. Dorsey in for him.
  • Demar a miss but Dorsey the board he has 11 boards. Raps killing Heat on the glass.
  • James Alley Opp Haslem Heat by 6.
  • Wade the big dunk and Miami up 10
  • Bargnani hits a foul line jumper.
  • James walks past Andrea and slams it home the Heat up a dozen.
  • Heat were gonna take this but not really blowing you a way.
  • Bosh had 5 fouls and was glued to the bench with 12 points and 6 rebounds.
  • Amir with throw down but this is done.
  • Heat dribble it out for an underwhelming 109-100 Win

Raptors gave a good effort but Heat were just to talented despite not exactly bringing there A game. Chris Bosh's first game vs his former team he sits on the bench during crunch time watching with just 12 points 6 rebounds and 5 fouls. Most Raptor fans will take glee in that. I am not sure what to think about it. Chris really looks nothing like himself at all and it is not just the haircut and new jersey. Raps leave Florida with a split and 2 good efforts. On to Washington and then Philly for a much easier back to back. Two games the Raptors based on their play of late should believe they can win. I really thought we would see a big night from Bosh but it never happened. Was interesting to see James go over and talk to him late in the game. What if Bosh never makes it to Feb 16th with Miami? It seems hard to think the Heat will bail on him that fast. He still has a month to figure it out. He better start doing it. On the flip side....Demar is getting better. His D is not there yet but I get more excited each time I see him this year with a few exceptions.

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