Raptors Ticket Giveaway #2

So you still have till Thursday at Noon to get your entries in for DNB Trivia and your first chance to win the first pair of tickets to Raptors vs Nuggets on December 10th in the MGD Best Seats in the House. I am pleased to say we already have a number of correct entries. So you will need to get all 5 questions right to have a shot to win. But why wait to start to give away another pair of tickets. Are you ready for your next assignment?

Mission 2- DNB Scavenger Hunt

So how does this work? One of the things that has been one of the DNB's Greatest strengths is our interviews. Over the years we have talked to a lot of people. So how this will work is there will be clues for a guest we have had in the past and you go find them and send it to us. So as an example of how this works I will provide an example.

Clue - Her Twitter Handle is @CptCandice.

The Answer would be the interview we just did with Candice from the Raptors Dance Pak, so you would find that interview and send the Link to DinoNationBlog@Gmail.com. It is that simple. I will be providing clues for a few different interviews. Unlike the last round you just need to get 1 correct and send it in. But make sure your right because you only get one shot at this.

So you get how it works? From now till Next Wednesday look for clues and when you send the link make sure you include the clue for that answer. As we will have more then 1 chance to win. If the guest has been in the blog on several occasions which applies to a lot of people then ANY interview with that person is a right answer.

Just like the DNB Trivia the clues could appear at any time in the Dino Nation Blog between now and Next Tuesday. So it is pretty Simple. Good Luck to everyone and Winner will be contacted next Wednesday afternoon.

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