Dino Blogger's Sunday Thoughts

It is rare the Raptors do not play on Sunday so with that rare chance thought I would give some thoughts on The Raptors, who knows maybe even life itself. Before a day of football I sit with just my thoughts and a keyboard. So let's think deep thoughts. Or at least some quality thoughts.

Thought 1- This is not a new one. I have had this one since Summer League. Demar DeRozan and Sonny Weems need to be on the floor together. Even if Sonny doesn't agree with me. Klezia just doesn't do it for me like he does for others. If the Raptors are playing for the future that means Weems makes more sense. Despite the fact he is in a contract year. If you can get both Demar and Sonny out on the break...LOOK OUT BELOW!!! These two on the floor with each other will challenge each other, the same way they do when they go against each other in practice. Each will make the other better. Sonny can be the Robin to Demar's Batman and there will be no issue with it. Injuries have forced Jay Triano to go with this line-up and in my opinion it should remain. Do I expect it will happen? Nope. I also think it is only a matter of time before Amir steps in as the starting 4 on this team. I bet that happens before Sonny gets his shot. But ultimately all 3 former Young Gunz now Young Onez belong on the floor together. You market them together so play them together. It makes sense both basketball and marketing wise.

Thought 2- I see a future where Bargnani is passed by DeRozan and he is the best player on this roster. Bargnani is what he is and his upside is not as high as it is for Demar. Bargnani is just a frustrating player that lacks consistency within a game. If you can have a night like in Orlando, where Bargnani sets the the table and Demar starts to develop into a closer it could be a happy marriage of talent. But Bargnani is not, nor ever will be the guy. Demar has a chance to be a dynamic star in this league and by the end of this season that could be crystal clear. It really needs to be if the Raptors are going to be heading in the right direction. Bargnani is a scorer and will never be much more than that. A weak defender and not ever going to be a consistent rebounder. Demar has a chance to be a complete player. His defence has a long way to go as well. But I feel more confident based on his age and attitude he can improve on that. Bargnani is a lost cause he is what he is at this point. The first step in ending your frustration with Andrea is accepting that fact. He is never going to average a double double and at best he might not be a liability on defence.

Thought 3- Julian Wright it was said came into camp at less then ideal shape. Whatever it was this guy has been decent in every time we have seen him on the floor. He seems to be a good dude in the locker room as well. We have never heard him complain at all and he has waited for his chance and made the best of it. At first glance with Belinelli starting and playing well in New Orleans it looked like the Hornets won that trade hands down. They still may have won the trade but Marco was not working out here and Wright is at least starting to show some signs of doing that. So good for him. Also he changed his Twitter handle from DinoWright14. There is only room for on Dino in the Raptor Twitterverse and that is Dino Nation Blog. If people think that was serious give your head a shake.

BREAK- Time for DNB TRIVIA Question # 4

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Thought 4
- Can the Raptors keep this attitude going the whole season long as the loss total increases. The effort has been there with few exceptions and even with the recent adversity of injuries it has remained. It is very hard to keep playing that same way when the reality hits that you are not a playoff team. For the development of this team it is vital they continue to play hard for all 82 games. If that effort goes south it will be interesting to see what that means for Jay Triano. Keeping that effort and developing players are the keys to Triano's future. It appears that wins and losses don't matter in terms of Triano. As much as that pains me given this is his 3rd season with the head coaching job.

Thought 5
- This is kind of an I told you so. Doug Smith broke a story that Alabi will be heading to the Erie BayHawks who are the Raptors D-League affiliate. Also it is likely the Ed Davis will spend some time there with him. Who said this to you going to happen back in the pre-season? That was me. So forgive me for giving myself a pat on the back. But do not let it confuse you. Sending both to the D-League is not only the right thing to do, it is going to help these guys in the long run. Alabi and Davis need to develop confidence and have playing time. Getting that on the Raptors at this time is likely not going to happen for Ed or Solomon. The D-League can be your friend if you use it correctly. The Raptors should eventually consider running their own D-League team just like they do on the Hockey side with the Marlies and Leafs. Hamilton or Buffalo would be good homes for such a franchise. They are close enough to be a car ride away and allow the Raptors to have total control and awareness of what is going on down there.

Ok I am tired from thinking so much. Not really. A reminder tomorrow we go 1 on 1 with Candice from your Raptors Dance Pak. Do not know your Dance Pak by name? Shame on you. This is Candice and she is here tomorrow:


  1. Still DD can't hit a 3 to save his life.

  2. Re: thought 2
    Looking at the makeup of this team, I agree if team remains as is, Demar surpasses Bargnani mid season as first option.
    I got a sneaky feeling though, this is the year BC parts with Bargnani.
    I'm starting an internet rumour..... Bargnani for Oden.

  3. 2 issues with your trade. 1. money doesn't work. 2. Oden is a free agent after this season. Unless that was point. As for 3 with DD. Remember what happened when a guy named Carter learned to make the 3? I do and if Demar never becomes a great 3 point shooter I will not lose sleep about it.