Raptors Dance Pak's Candice In DNB's Starting 5

In the past the Dino Nation Blog has done features on the Raptors Dance Pak. They have been some of the most popular features we have done in the Dino Nation Blog. The answer as to why is far from rocket science. Obviously, the young ladies that make up the Dance Pak are attractive young women. But also hopefully, in these features you have got to know that these ladies have a passion for what they do just like the players that make up the Raptors roster. Candice is in her 3rd year as a member of the Raptors Dance Pak. She is the Co-Captain of 2010-11 Raptors Dance Pak. She already had a brief appearance in the Dino Nation Blog as part of our stuff from this season's Fan Jam. But this is a longer visit as we talk about how Candice became a part of the Dance Pak. We talk about all the travelling she has done this year, with stops in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal and Halifax. We also talk about the Raptors Dance Pak Blog on Raptors.com. There are videos on there from the trips the ladies made with Kat and some of the other ladies from the Dance Pak. Candice also made her debut on Twitter as have a number of other ladies on the Dance Pak joining Kat who started up on Twitter last season. @CptCandice documented her experience getting on to Twitter in the Dance Pak Blog. We have a great conversation and have a lot of fun. In fact this is the most fun I have had doing an interview for the DNB. Candice was great to talk with and think you will enjoy hearing from her.

So as mentioned at the end of the interview, we are going to try and get one of these done a month at least. I said in a tweet recently, that I have grown to have a lot of respect for what these ladies do and the credit for that goes to Kat. To be honest most times when I am watching sports I am always locked in on the game itself. But in meeting Kat, and now Candice, I have started to learn how hard these ladies work and contribute to the overall experience at Raptors game. Not to mention all the other things they do in the promotion of the Raptors. I know you are thinking as a guy you didn't notice the Dance Pak? I might have noticed but never paid close attention. So in doing these the goal is to try and get across just how hard these ladies work and let you get to know them better in a fun and relaxed way. Candice has been so nice in helping me pull this thing off. These ladies have busy schedules and so do I, so the hardest part sometimes is just finding the time to make it happen. I hope these help you get to know these great young women, that have a passion for dancing, and for the Raptors and basketball. So thanks to Candice for taking time to help me do that for all of you. Seeing as we both had a good time, be fun to do again sometime during the season.

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