Cleaning out My CB4 Closet

So why will people just not let CB4 be dead? Even Chris Bosh won't. I am begging someone to act like an adult in this. In the latest of the on going never ending Chris Bosh saga the topic was cable t.v. Apparently Chris made some comment about not being able to get league pass where he lived in Toronto. It was a pretty nice place find that hard to believe.

It was a nice view anyway. Funny how the stuff in that video seems like a lifetime ago. Sam Mitchell is gone. Chris Bosh now is too. But yet since he made his choice to move on to Miami it at sometimes feels like he hasn't left until you watch the Raptors on the floor. This on going soap opera needs to end. The fact the Raptors questioned his effort down the stretch last season was a stupid move. It only started this constant when Chris talks everyone listens B.S that has gone on since. If the Raptors were serious about moving forward they should have left it alone.

But the simple fact of it all is this was not a happy or mutual break up. The Raptors would be thrilled to have Chris Bosh still a Raptor and all this nonsense they are some how better for it is just not believable or realistic. Bryan Colanglo said one of the reasons he came here was Chris. To build a team around him. However that came with limits and at the end Chris pointed that fact out. If he had just stopped there or expanded on that point people might think differently about him. The Raptors never would go that extra mile and become a tax team, to bring in better players around him or if not better at least more options.

But instead, Bosh decided to turn his free agency into a sideshow. This does not seem like a move of the intelligent young man that we all watched grow up in Toronto. How much of the new Chris Bosh is actually him. Only Chris knows, but I see this as the people advising him being ultimately at fault. That being said these are people Bosh has chosen to advise him and they have done a terrible job. His name still appears in the Raptor record books but his legacy is in more pieces then Vince Carter's legacy.

Bosh has like many Raptors in the past, at least in the early days, not found the grass so much greener in another place. Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady and Damon Stoudamire all never won a title by leaving Toronto. You can argue in the case of Damon and Vince they were never bigger than in their days in Toronto. Is Chris Bosh bigger now in Miami? Well he is more famous and Grandma has got to watch him lose games on national T.V. He got to appear on more shows in a month then perhaps anyone ever. From Regis and Kelly to Entourage and all points in between. If Bosh was after fame he hit the jackpot. On the floor has been a terrible flop so far. He is the clear number 3 in this trio and has become the easy target to blame for the Heat failing to live up to unrealistic expectations.

The Bosh bashing that has become the favourite sport of depressed and disgruntled Raptor fans serves no real purpose. The Raptors are still going to be 1-7 and still have no player close to the talent level of Bosh on the roster. I mean, do I understand why fans and even some media people do the whole Bosh bashing and jokes? Sure I get it and some of it is funny. But it is just a distraction from the fact that is franchise that has serious issues and was ill prepared for Bosh to leave.

I am begging any of the 3 parties to act like an adult and move on. The Raptors are more then happy to let Bosh dig his own grave and let it be a distraction from their situation. Not sure if all the actually details will ever be known, but this seemed like a very bitter parting of the ways between Bosh and Raptors. Perhaps that is the fuel of all this stuff Chris Bosh is spiting out. Maybe he isn't being that stupid and more spiteful. I mean let's face it to sell Americans on anything when it comes to Canada is not that hard. I once convinced a guy in a bar a loony was worth a 100 bucks. But careful about twisting your view of Canada to amuse the naive Americans. Chris Bosh is not the only one that can trick Americans. The infamous White Vegas article that painted Toronto as a strip club VIP lounge of the NBA. While the rest of the NBA enjoyed the... for the benefit of the kids will say sights, it was suggested that it helped Chris get a Canadian advantage. Tired partied out players had no energy left to take on CB4. That is as believable as Chris Bosh not being able to get his Grandma NBA Ticket to watch him play.

In the end right now no is winning out of this. Maybe after the Raptors play the Heat on Saturday this will all die down. But I have a funny feeling it won't. the Hypocrisy on all sides will continue for a lot longer. But in the end this is not doing anyone any good. Actually that is not true.

Vince Carter is loving this. He is now way down the list in who Raptor fans hate. Bosh and Hedo have made him at best public enemy number 3. I will say this for Vince, even if it was not believable he never ragged on Toronto as a city. I use to think that Chris Bosh was paying attention when Vince left, and said to himself that if that day came for him he wouldn't go out the same way. I meant that in the sense of coming out of it in a better way. However, Chris Bosh thanks mostly in part to his own actions has made Vince's departure seem tame in comparison. By the time Feb 16 rolls around I can only imagine what this nonsense will build too.

At the end of the day I am disappointed with everyone involved in it. I am with the Raptors for going places they did not need to go. For Bosh in the way he has handled himself since he left Canadian airspace. Also with fans getting sucked into all this nonsense. Chris left and the reasons he left have become clouded. He left because he didn't feel he could win in Toronto. Not because of the cable in his building or to become more famous in U.S.A. He left because he didn't feel he could win here. That is the issue and that is the problem. The Raptors have to find a way to build a winner. When the next one comes along they better have figured it out. If they haven't it will just be a replay of this same thing.

Ultimately I just feel like screaming at everyone GROW UP!!! AND SHUT UP!!!

Here is a happier topic.

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