Bad Break For Raptors In Boston.

I was busy working for The Score last night so I am watching the game the morning after. As you can tell by the title I am well aware of what happens in this one. If you are not and missed the game as well it will become obvious by the time were done. Celtics looking for revenge and they will do it with Rajon Rondo who was a game time decision. He will play was the decision.

1st Quarter

First possession of the game for Raps is a turnover and first for Boston is a K.G basket. He would score another before DeRozan would get Raps on the board. But a bad mistake by Demar on D leaves Ray Allen open for a 3 an early 7-2 Celtics lead. Ray Allen was not done as he starts 3-3 from 3 point range and is torching the Raptors as he has done in the past. Boston had a huge early lead 19-5 over the Raptors. Alley to a very big opp that is Shaq and Rondo hooked hum up for the easy 2. Boston was still up big 22-9. Rondo was tearing apart the Raptors with easy lob passes for his big guys. Calderon with a confident jump cuts lead to 10 briefly. When Rondo hit the bench for a breather his Celtics were up a dozen with the score 28-16. Once the dust settled it was 31-20 Celtics after 1.

2nd Quarter.

Given the events of Sunday and fact Rondo is playing and wasn't Sunday are the 2 driving forces behind this lead. Bayless learns fast...pass it to Bargs and he hits for the east 2 on the jumper, Erden from Turkey has worker out better then the Raptors Turkey venture in Hedo. Bayless a drive and score and with the and 1 and cut lead to single digits at 40-31 Celtics. A Kleiza would get Raps within a touchdown and that would cause Doc Rivers to call for a time out. Raps kept coming a nice hook-up for Bargnani from Bayless. Then a drive and Bayless missed lay-up but Amir cleans up on the glass and makes lead just 3. Fact make that 1 as Bayless made a pair at the line. Celtics finally get it together and get a basket. Pierce follows up the K.G slam and lead was back to 5. Rondo was making it look all to easy as he was lob passing the Raptors to death. The Celtics ball movement in this game was spectacular. Jay Triano need to find answer to Rondo he called for a time out with Raptors down 6. Out of time Demar DeRozan comes to life with a jumper. On defensive end a steal and drop off for Jose for the 3 that he makes. Raps briefly closed to with in 3. Celtics were getting Kevin Garnett easy looks and he was making them. Bargnani nails a jumper and Reggie takes one on the numbers and will shoot 1. Missed it though and the lead was 4. Weems got blocked by K.G earlier and forced a missed lay-up had been a rough night for Sonny. K.G draws a foul at end of the half. K.G would make both and have a 6 point lead after 24.

3rd Quarter.

Calderon hits a basket and Shaq answers with score and 1 that he actually made. Turnover and another Celtics score. 1:40 in the Celtics lead was 11 with the score 65-54. K.G was having his own personal slam dunk contest. Both teams had a bad case of the sloppies at the moment. Teams had 7 turnovers between them so far in Quarter and Celtics had a 12 point advantage. Reggie Evans limping off with what at the time it was thought to be a sprained foot. We would learn post game it was a foot fracture. More bad news ask a basket the Raptors were credited for was taken away after video review on Shot Clock Violation. Raptor all the sudden were down 16 and with out Reggie Evans with score 74-58. Peja came off the pine to nail a 3 but Raptors were still in a deep 15 point hole. Raptors were shooting 2-17 in 3rd and Boston had a 21 point lead and Jay Triano finally decided to call a time out. Back to his old time out habits. You are not Phil Jackson and the Raptors are sure not the Lakers. Sorry was talking to television and Jay Triano. When the music stopped after 3 it was 86-67.

4th Quarter

Honestly the Raptors were not coming back in this one they would cut the lead to 10 but you never got the feeling they could win. Despite all the 3 point shooting of Peja and a little Barbosa on the side. Raptors were trying 3 ball their way back into this one. While it was an impressive display the chances were not high the Celtics were going to blow a 19 point lead. Ultimately they would not losing that basketball game 110-101. The loss itself was not a big deal. If you were honest with yourself prior to this game you knew the Raptors chances were slim. However the loss of Reggie Evans is a huge one for this team. He was a leader in the locker room and leader on the floor on the glass. This could be very ugly with no Reggie on the boards. Another game against Boston and another foot injury the irony is painful. Technically the last time was in Hartford not Boston But still a tough night for Reggie that will lead to tougher nights ahead for the Raptors.

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