By now you are saying James..I suck at trivia and I can't even find my car keys some days. But mission 3 is TOTALLY different. Only thing the same is what you win. Still a pair of Tickets to the MGD Best Seats in The House Box with me for the Raptors hosting the Denver Nuggets on December 10th. By the way if you have facebook please go check out the MGD page to have other chances to win stuff.

Mission #3- Free Style

Do we want you to Rap? Maybe. Ok let me explain. Our goal each day in the Dino Nation Blog is to both inform and entertain you. Some days are better than others but we try our best. That is what you will need to do to win this round. entertain us.

In whatever way you choose. Make A video, Rap, Write a Poem...Sing Like A Bosh whatever you come up with. Be creative and come up with something. Whatever you come up with send it to Dinonationblog@Gmail.com by Next Tuesday at Midnight!!!. Now I am not telling you how to do it, but will give you some guidelines as to what will make a successful entry with a chance to win.

  • #1- Show us you love the Dino Nation Blog- In this contest you might have guessed and I have made it no secret that we want our loyal readers to have the best chance to win. Same applies for this. So whatever you come up with it should show your love for the DNB.
  • #2- Show us your love for The Raptors- Obviously we cover the Raptors so we want people that are cheering for them in our box. So doing something on why you want to see Carmelo Anthony or the Birdman probably is not going to cut it. Beating them is another story. So show your passion and love for the Raptors.
  • #3- Why you?- Obviously we would like everyone to win but the box only holds so many people. So why should you be the one we pick. So don't be afraid to do a little SELF PROMOTION. I am never shy about promoting myself and the blog and the winner of this round of our contest should not be as well.
  • #4 Do what you are best at- Whatever your entry is, play to your strengths. If you can't sing don't sing. Do what you are good at and let that shine through. If you are funny be funny. If you are good at art do a poster or something.

Lastly sucking up to me is not going to cut it. I am glad people like me and I like you all as well. But in the end it will be the most entertaining entry that follows the guidelines above that will win. But most of all...JUST DO IT!!! You can't win if you don't play the game. After this you have only 1 shot left at tickets and do you really want to risk that? Of course you don't.

So you have your assignment so get cracking you have 1 week to create something that will win you these tickets. I am counting on you folks to make this a tough choice so DON'T LET ME DOWN!!!

Please note any entry we reserve the right to use it in the Dino Nation Blog as part of the promotion of this contest. Also a reminder that the winner and their guest must be over the age of 19 to enter. The winner will be chosen based on the things we have laid out in this blog. Good Luck to all who enter.

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