Reggie on Rebounding

Reggie Evans is a beast on the glass most nights and despite the Raptors poor start it has been a rebound season for Evans as well. A foot injury made Reggie's first season with the Raptors a painful and frustrating experience. The first major injury of his life and not able to show the hustle and determination he is known for on a new team. But it is a health Reggie at 100% this season and he has been a big reason why at least on the glass the Raptors have not missed Chris Bosh.

Some say a rebounder is in a sense almost born with it. You can't teach it, is just something that is based on instinct. Dennis Rodman and others in the past that have been great rebounders just have a sixth sense of knowing where to be. While many fans search for a way for Andrea Bargnani to become a better rebounder it just may not be in his DNA. I started my talk with Reggie asking about that if rebounding is in fact instinct or can it be taught?

Not a huge night for Reggie on the glass last night with 6 boards in 18 minutes. That was Julian Wright in the background with singing or whatever that was. I have to talk to him one of these times when I am down covering a game he is a funny dude or at least seems like it. As for Reggie he may not be able to make Andrea into a rebounding machine. He may have a lot of work in helping him get better and the team get better on defence. But I am sure the losing aside that Reggie Evans is happy to be out there being able to contribute to helping his team. At this time last year he could only be a spectator and root for the Raptors much like he does his Iowa Hawkeyes. I have said it on the radio and in this blog how happy I am for Reggie to be back and playing ball again at pretty good level. He also taught me the expression BET THAT!!! I try and work it into casual conversation as much as possible.

A reminder that Tomorrow we will have a big announcement for all of you. Loyal DNB readers will have a chance to be rewarded in a pretty cool way. So if you have been a fan of the blog you will have the inside track. If not better study up on your DNB...BET THAT!!!

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