Life Without Reggie Begins

So no Reggie Evans today and Zack Cooper(Fan 590 @Zcooperstown) won the Twitter race and was first to post no Peja as well today. Raptors are in tough, as the Hawks have always been a team that seems to be built to exploit the Raptors weaknesses. Not that is was the intention to do that. But when you think about in the past the Raptors minus the dominant Center the Raptors were constructed a lot like the Magic. That is a team the Hawks have been built to beat for sure. Regardless the Hawks, as I wrote in the preview have just always got under Raptors skin in a lot of ways. What will happen this year? Will start to find out today. But a little info about Reggie's injury he has sustained a non-displaced fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone in his right foot (also known as a Jones fracture). I asked on Twitter for someone with medical background what that means recovery wise. Was told 6-8 weeks. Not sure if that is on the money but gives you a ball park. Bottom Line Reggie is not coming back anytime soon. As for who replaces Reggie...Not Amir? Joey Dorsey set to start.

1st Quarter

Marvin Williams opens the scoring after both teams had failed possessions and Weems answered right back. Bargnani the score plus a foul and Raptors lead 7-5. Mike Bibby 3 and here we go again with Bibby. Bargnani looking good early and working down low and scoring. Weems also off to a good start coming off perhaps his worse effort of young season. More Bargnani with a slam and Raps an early 15-14 lead in a back and forth affair at the ACC early on. Jose with the hook-up for Joey Dorsey with the slam. Al Horford the calm reply and it is 17-16 Raps. Bargnani has an early 9 points and looks really good some rebounds too. Hawks were getting things done as well offence wise and had a 20-19 lead. Horford quietly getting it done and he was off to a nice start. Foul magnet in effect for Amir Johnson and he gets 2 quick fouls and is back to the bench. Raptors putting up a game fight early down 27-23 to Hawks.

2nd Quarter

Crawford another Raptor killer of note with just a crazy 3 ball. He made shots like that when he got 50 against the Raps as a Bull. Bad memories there sorry about that. Raps were staying scrappy though and a steal and Barbosa score would make it 32-30 Hawks. With 7:28 to go in half and Bargnani the score and draws foul on Horford and with and 1 he gives Raps a 35-34 lead. Josh Smith gets teched up and these are the undisciplined Hawks I know. Hawks would re-take the lead thanks to a few calls that some claim were questionable. Joe Johnson three makes it 43-38. Hawks looking to build a bit of an advantage. They were starting to a Kleiza miss and Hawks score and a time out with Raptors down a touchdown on Grey Cup Sunday in Canada. Amir Johnson back on the floor and scores out of time out. Raps were the best way to put it is fighting to hang around down 52-46 at the half.

3rd Quarter

Bargnani a decent half with 12 points and 5 rebounds. Joey Dorsey with an unconventional 2 in the post to start the 2nd half. If Raptors were going to get serious about winning this game they need to start playing some defence. Hawks had an 8 point lead and were getting lots of open looks. They start hitting them and this game could slip away fast. Mike Bibby a big 3 and nails it the lead was 10. Hawks score again and lead was a dozen. Triano to late on trigger calls a time out trailing 63-51. Raptors were as Randy Savage use to say in the "Danger Zone" and if they did not find a way out fast this game was going to be over for them. Raptors had had stopped the bleeding but a once 1 touchdown lead was now 2 on Grey Cup Sunday. Actually maybe they had not. One thing was for sure they can not buy a bucket here in the 3rd. Marvin Williams 3 and the lead was 18 and memories of the 4 game winning streak were long gone. Al Horford scores and lead is 20..Triano calls a time out. Like closing the barn after the horse left 15 minutes ago. Another Jay Triano halftime speech to throw out as this team's effort in the 3rd has been non existent. After we add up the damage it is 77-57. Raps down 20 for you math challenged people.

4th Quarter

How bad was it? How about 3/17 and out scored 25-11 in the 3rd. Rewind you mind to the Wizard's game...yeah like that. Only good thing was Bayless was getting some extra PT and taking advantage of it. Yet with Raptors down 22 they put Jose back it as Tim Chisholm (TSN Web Writer) on Twitter for what? There was no reason for him to be and it was excellent time to let Bayless get some extended minutes and learn the system. Demar was in for what was in effect garbage time. If he has a sore hamstring why? That being said he was getting a couple scores could for his confidence. I mean no one is being fooled into thinking Raptors have a chance here. Jay Triano doesn't really think we are stupid here right? Raptors had no effort and Twitter was giving you instant reaction to what people thought about it. Raptors were now down 3 Touchdowns on Grey Cup Sunday 94-73 with thankfully only 2 minutes to play. 96-78 is your final score.

Josh Smith had a triple double. The Raptors effort in first game with out Reggie Evans was beyond pitiful. Reggie brings a lot of the fight to this team but they honestly have to fight individually and as a group. One guy should never have that much of an impact. Be they named Bosh or Evans. Raptors will have to find some answers before they play the Wizards on Wednesday. A month in the books and Raptors finish the first month of the NBA season including a couple games in October at 6-11. Anyone that was starting to think this team had a chance to make the playoffs after that 4 game winning streak this was your reality check. This one for the Raptors as well will see how they respond.

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