Jack Armstrong Makes His First Visit This Season To The DNB

This will probably be our last guest in our 3rd year of doing the Dino Nation Blog. We enter year 4 a week from today. Jack Armstrong I am proud to say has been a regular guest here and I enjoy each and every time we have the honour to have him with us. It is also pretty cool that Raptors happen to make some news today, so we have Jack's thoughts on the potential trade between New Orleans and Toronto. Jack was kind enough to give us a bit more time then usual to fit that in, as well as get his thoughts on the start to this Raptor season. Thoughts on Jay Triano, Sonny Weems, Demar DeRozan and his take on something I wrote about the chance to finally have a Canadian Raptor. A lot of good info with the odd laugh along the way. So sit back and enjoy hearing from one of the most knowledgeable and honest people I know in terms of basketball. Jack always gives us his prospective in an open and direct way and it is why so many people both respect him and love him.

He may never be on Twitter but that will not matter a bit. People will always want to hear from Jack Armstrong where ever he is on. We are always grateful that one of those places is here. Still no confirmation on the trade. So we are having a De Ja Vu moment from the summer. Let's hope this one happens because Jack, as well as myself think this would be a good move for the future of the Raptor Organization's future going forward.


  1. I think Myck is our guy... really hope he ends up on the Raptors

  2. Not sure if you heard it but we have had him as a guest couple of times