Sixers and Raps in Another Basement Bowl

Welcome to Basement Bowl II . In the first Basement Bowl it was the Raptors vs the Bobcats and the Raptors found a way to lose. Now another contender for worst team in the East and in the NBA is here in the Philadelphia 76ers. Doug Collins was going to fix Philly and turn them into a playoff contender. Um...not so much. The Sixers are still terrible and Evan Turner has not exactly set the world on fire. Oh yes, not since Rocky fought Thunder Lips has there been this much excitement in Philadelphia.

The Basics: Sixers 2-9 (4 Gm Losing Streak) Raptors 2-9 (1-6 on the Road)

When Last We Saw Them: Raptors were embarrassed and humiliated in Washington more then the Democrats in the recent elections in the U.S. Least they held the Senate while the Raptors lost everything in this one. Weems was one of few Raptors that bothered to show up for work on this night. In the end it was a 109-94 final that was flattering to the Raptors.

Key Match Ups: Jrue Holiday has been improving and Jarrett Jack and Jose Calderon have been having a rough year in general. If Holiday is left to do his thing could lead to some easy baskets for him and his team mates.If Andrea Bargnani can not take it to Spenser Hawes then I give up. Seriously just give up and pray for Demar to surpass him. In fact the Sixers really have no good answer to match up with Bargnani. Which is the same for a lot of teams. But Andrea needs to show up and perform. I wonder if we have ever seen a full 48 minutes from Andrea?

In Case You Missed It: We announced the 2nd chance to win a pair of tickets for the Best Seats in the House vs Denver on December 10th. While tonight I will be down at Real Sports Bar as NBA T.V Canada will be in the House with Akil and Kat should be fun. Normally I prefer being home watching games or out covering them but Real Sports is just to nice to say no. So that is where I will be for Raptors and Sixers.

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