Ed Davis Is A Bayhawk

This from the Dino Blogger's I told you this would happen file. Ed Davis has been sent to the Erie Bayhawks joining Solomon Alabi who the Raptors sent down there just recently. The stay for Davis is likely to be shorter as it is being called a "Rehabilitation/Conditioning Assignment". However no timetable is laid out on when he could appear back up with the Raptors. The recent trade made by the Raptors, in theory, as Jack Armstrong mentioned here in the Dino Nation Blog, could open up minutes for both Davis and Alabi on the Raptors down the line.

Here is an interesting trivia fact. The Raptors have sent 5 players in total to the D-League in the past. Obviously Davis and Alabi are two. Who are the other 3? Nathan Jawai, P.J Tucker and Pape Sow, if you knew that answer you are clearly a true Raptors junkie. Jawai to Idaho, P.J to Colorado and Pape to Arkansas.

The only time Davis has suited up for the Raptors and got out on the floor was way back in Vegas Summer League where he had mixed results.

Bryan Colangelo had this to say about this latest roster move in the press release.

"This is a great opportunity for us to gauge where Ed is physically with regard to his knee and his overall basketball conditioning. This is a perfect example where the D-League can be used as a ready-made and convenient tool in getting an injured player back on the court"

The Raptors might also be hunting the D-League for a 3rd point guard to fill out their roster. Post trade the Raptors have 14 on the roster and it should be noted while in the D-League Alabi and Davis remain on the Raps roster and are listed as in-active. Not long after Davis was injured I said that both he and Alabi would be on the Bayhawks at some point this year and that is now in fact the case.

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