V-Log- Post Game Thoughts On Raps and Jazz

I decided to take to the video today to provide my thoughts on the Raptors and Jazz. If you want a detailed recount of how it went down you can go check out the live blog from last night on The Score. Always enjoying doing the Raps games for The Score it is great to get a feel for what folks are thinking. Here is the boxscore in all it's awful glory. Now on to our feature presentation you know him, you hopefully love him...Me Aka James Borbath.

Why do the video? It is a nice change of pace. It beats having to write about that mess and re-live it in a longer way. Plus I am starting doing a regular bit on Raptorspace so I was already in that video mode. Also, you can all get to witness, my goatee turn grey from this season. A preview of the Lakers and Raptors tomorrow and I promise to try not use the number 81.

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