Raptors Answer To Stars Leaving Is Draft Canadian

I am excited today because I am going to be live blogging an NCAA Game with the Texas Longhorns in action. Texas has 2 Canadian freshmen in Cory Joesph and Tristan Thompson. Myck Kabongo is coming next season to make 3 potential NBA talents on this team all Canadian. All the first wave of a generation of kids that have always had the NBA in Canada in their lifetimes.

When you look back and think of where things went wrong in Vancouver with the Grizzlies you can come up with a lot of answers. But one thing that you will always wonder is what might have happened if they drafted Steve Nash. At the time of his draft, no one could have seen that the Santa Clara point guard would become a 2-time M.V.P, and a safe bet for the Hall of Fame someday. However, to have a hometown kid, that clearly was at worst an NBA prospect would have done Vancouver a world of good. Who knows what might have happened. You might still have a team in Vancouver. Sure that is all speculation. But it clearly would not have hurt the Grizzlies, and it is not like they had a sparkling draft history. So the risk in taking him was not that high if they could have acquired a pick.

When you look to Toronto the Raptors in their 16 years have never had a Canadian player. They do have a Canadian coach, but I am not sure that any coach in the league puts butts in seats. Jay Triano is not nearly has entertaining as a Stan Van Gundy on the sidelines. Jokes aside people come to see the players on the floor. I think for Toronto to add a Canadian or even better a Toronto native would be huge. Think how many times over the years people threw out the name Jamal Maglorie as a potential Raptor. It was proof of the appetite to have a home grown product. No idea if there was truth to it, but Raptors were said to be trying to get Joel Anthony included in a Bosh sign and trade in the summer. Only speculation of course but it would have been nice.

We have watched a number of U.S based players come to Toronto and eventually leave like Bosh, Carter and you know the list. The real answer to the problem to me is hoping for one these kids in the NCAA right now to come through and be a legit lottery pick. Be it these 3 at Texas or someone else. Steve Nash being a Raptor has always been a dream for some Raptors fans. But let's face facts, the days of Nash being in the NBA are coming to close sooner rather then later. If we can find a young Canadian star that is the dream.

Gone are the excuses of not having their friends and family being able to see them that we have heard in the past from American players. No complaining about the metric system, No worries about not getting ESPN. Someone that grew up with a dream not just to be an NBA star but a NBA star in Toronto.

So while some Raptor fans are already starting to talk about the draft. If you are going be watching the NCAA anyway, you might want to start looking for all these up and coming Canadians. There are a lot more of them down south these days. No matter what you do Canada will always be Canada. Bosh is correct about one thing. Canada is different and someone who is from here already gets that.

So while we cheer and hope for DeRozan to improve and grow into a star. If he is successful that next thing will be... will he be the next one to get good and get gone. Not great English there, but I think you get the point. It might be wise to cheer just as hard for Joesph, Thompson, Kabango and others that are from the true north strong and free, as you do for the Young Onez.

Hook'em Horn EH!!!

If the Raptors could land a Canadian Star that could be the way this franchise can finally have a star that fans could embrace without the worry in the back of their heads thinking will they stay or go. The chances a home grown Raptor star would leave become far less.

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  1. James,

    Canadian or not, they have to show they never give up or feel inferior to anything thrown against them. If they are great Canadian players, they'll want to change their citizenship because Leo Rautins will harass (not recruit) them into playing for Team Canada basketball.

  2. Watch these kids. Go back and listen to my Interview with Myck Kabongo these kids are good. You don't get to the places they have without being good. All the time dealing with the stereotypes of being Canadian and likely at first glance were not respected. That kid is from Canada? He can't ball. I believe in this generation of kids they have a swagger that Canadians in the past have lacked. Like Bailey went to Atlanta said he was going to kick butt and did in 100 meters.

    As for the Leo thing these kids have been in the program and I am sure are aware of Leo good or bad. That really is a non issue.