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Remember These Guys?

Well they are back sort of. Unfortunately no longer in Video Format. The site that they were created from now charges to make videos and that is just not in the DNB budget at the present time. We hope you will still enjoy their brand of comedy in a written format. NOTHING they say should reflect the opinions of the Dino Nation Blog, The Score or anyone else Joey G might claim they represent. So with that I give you The Round Ball Review blog.

Reduced to a blogger. Now I know how Stephen A Smith must feel like. This sucks worse then when Chris Bosh ended our friendship by sending me a DM on Twitter that said... Sorry Joey but I checked they won't let you back into the U.S.A. Something about Obama and basketball. Peace Out. After all the times we chilled together. After all the great times we had. After I tried to hook his Grandmother up with an illegal cable box so she could watch him play basketball. I mean really did I not at least deem a phone call? A well though out heart felt e-mail? This sucks. So I am glad he is sucking and hope the Heat trade him to Milwaukee for Andrew Bogut. See how you like it there pal.

Hello Raptor fans. Unlike Joey I embrace this chance that James has given us to reach out to all our fans. This is a new chance for us to keep you up to date on the Raptors as part of the Dino Nation Blog. I am J.B by the way. I noticed Joey never mentioned that off the top. Anyway the Raptors after a rough start have started to win some basketball games and have made a good trade for the future. I will miss Jarrett Jack. James told me he is a very nice guy and was always good with the media. But excited to see what Jerryd Bayless can do.

Well at least some things have not changed, you are still sucking up to James. In fact I blame you for this. Maybe the reason we don't have the money to produce the show was your over priced salary. I on the other hand will be bitter until fans demand we are put back on the air. I think we should start a telethon or something to get us back on the air where we belong. Save the Round Ball Review. I mean seriously. Maybe I will just go take a job on NBA TV Canada. They likely have seen my work and would pay big bucks to have Joey G on their network.

Joey you realize that NBA TV Canada is just the new name for Raptors T.V. The same network that you unsuccessfully begged to be on last season on Raptorspace. So I am thinking your chances are slim to none. But the big story as you sort mentioned off the top in the Miami Heat and their early season struggles. What is your take on that Joey? Why have the Heat struggled so badly.

Simple...IT IS 100% Chris Bosh's Fault. LIKE A BOSH. Maybe the guys at The Basketball Jones will have me on their show. They do a T.V show now I am sure they can use someone of my talents. I could replace that guy that says WHAT'S UP GUYS. I mean really how hard is that to do? I could do that and more. J.E Skeets and Tas Melas need to give me a call. After working with you it would be a joy to work with some people with actual talent.

You are referring to Matty O. He does more than that, he is a producer and writer for the show as well. I am sorry to Matt. He seems like a nice guy. We don't want to offend anyone in this blog Joey. Congratulations to TBJ on getting on to T.V here in Canada. I think it is great for basketball fans across the country. I know James would say the same and he has even had Tas in the blog a few times as a guest.

I can see working with you is still going to be difficult. Like a marriage to Tony Parker maybe it is time I file for divorce. But it sure has not hurt the Spurs at all. Who needs Tony Parker when you have THE RED ROCKET. Matt Bonner is on fire. I need a new favourite NBA player to be my homie maybe Bonner is the ticket. He is trying to become a Canadian as well and is married to a girl from here. We could have long talks riding on the subway it would be great.

There is something wrong about that. I just don't see that working. Matt is a simple kind of humble guy. While you, have the biggest ego of anyone that I know. In fact your ego might be even bigger in comparison to Lebron James. It would be a close call. I don't envy Mr. James having to go back to Cleveland. People are very angry about how he left and that could be a tough situation to deal with. I hope nothing bad happens.

If I was Lebron James I would just blame Bosh. Say it isn't his fault that Bosh was the one that wouldn't come to Cleveland or he would have stayed. But forget about that, what about when Bosh comes here in February. I Joey G am endorsing that Toronto Boos Chris Bosh so loud that his Grandma can hear it on T.V. He Screwed Me...I mean US over. You must stand up for what is right and Boo him louder then Tracy...Louder then Vince or you Raptor fans have lost your respect from me. Do it for Joey G, Canada and Canadian Cable providers everywhere. On second thought screw the cable providers I still don't get Sportsnet 1.

So is this going to be your thing now? Blame Bosh? Everything that will go wrong will be his fault. Is that what I am hearing? I understand everyone is upset with him but the answer to every problem can not just be to Blame Bosh. That does not make a lot of sense Joey. Not that you ever do make a lot of sense.

It is my new found answer to all life's questions. Scalpers can't sell Raptor tickets...Blame Bosh. Triano is still the coach...Blame Bosh. Andrea Bargnani still can't rebound..Blame Bosh. The leafs still suck...Blame well wait the Leafs have sucked long before him. But what the heck....Blame him anyway. You got a D in Geography...Blame Bosh. Why? Because he didn't even know where Peterborough was. You got fired...Blame Bosh. Why? Because you spent to much time on Twitter calling him a lame loser that can't rebound.

Some how I don't think Chris Bosh or blaming him is the answer to all of life's questions. But that will do it for Joey and myself. If this was not so bad that James fires us, we will be back with more thoughts and opinions on the Raptors and the NBA. It is great to be back here on The Dino Nation Blog once again. For the folks that missed us we thank you and and as we always use to say on the T.V Show...Good Bye Raptor Fans

Also get us back on the air. We will be having a Paypal account to take donations to get us back on the air. It is almost Christmas time and the spirit of giving. Can you think of a more noble cause to give to then us? O.K so maybe you can... but still give to us anyway. I can not take this writing thing for much longer. I need to have the world see my handsome face. I need to be on T.V. I need to be loved. Only you the readers of the Dino Nation Blog can make this happen.

O.K that is not happening. I do encourage people to donate to a worthy cause over the holidays if you can afford to. But we are not that cause. This is going to work Joey, you just have to have some faith in the people that support us. There are more things to life then just being on T.V. I am happy to be back in whatever form it is. I think it is just great to be back and have a chance to entertain and inform all the great fans we have out there. Thanks again to all of you.

More important then being on T.V. Tell that to Chris Bosh. I miss you Chris forget all those nasty things I just wrote. I want to take my talents to South Beach and chill TOO!!! Call me. SAVE ME CB former 4 you are MY ONLY HOPE!!!

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