Raptors/Rockets DNB Game Notes

So I was on assignment for The Score doing some advanced scouting as well covering the Thunder vs Celtics and with no Kevin Durant the Thunder still found a way to win 89-84. That does not bode well for Sunday for the Raptors. The Celtics will not be happy. But how would the Raptors do tonight back home against Houston? Time to find out...well I already know but time to find out how it happened.

1st Quarter

  • DeRozan takes to rack no finish, Weems bad shot selection but shot clock was low
  • Sonny take to hoop this time and scores gets raps on board.
  • Sonny for 3...No...Yes Good Shot.
  • Jack the pull up makes it, also the D has been good (Raps lead 7-3)
  • Jack turnover and Houston on 5-0 run get score in transition.
  • Run is 7-0 Houston timeout Triano(Will say this Triano's Time Out Usage better this year)
  • Play out of the time out is for Bargnani and he sticks the shot.
  • Good Energy and pace to this game early (Raps lead 11-10)
  • Weems looks on the money again tonight.
  • Brad Miller making that mid range J(Hou Lead 14-11)
  • Teams swapping baskets like crazy and not much D to be found (Hou lead 18-15)
  • Weems another 3 attempt...miss...More Drive PLEASE!!!
  • Next possession Sonny scores on break in paint.
  • Bargs the 3...tied at 20
  • Rebounding Good....Jump Balls...Not so much
  • Bargs in the paint...nice score in post...Raps as Jack likes to say...Stuck 3= Down 3
  • Whistles and mistakes on both sides slow the pace. (Hou lead 27-24)
  • Amir with Malone like miss and self rebound and put back.
  • Bargs misses to close Quarter but end it on an 8-2 run and lead 28-27 after 1

2nd Quarter

  • both teams struggle to score but former Rocket Andersen sticks a long jumper.
  • Klezia the nice post up and score. another score with jab step then jumper..BOOM.
  • Andersen again this time for 3....Raps lead been built to 8.
  • Andersen scores again this time for 3 and lead back to 8 at 39-31.
  • Lee for 3 you can put it on the board.
  • Raps bench already with 17 points.
  • This is the Kleiza and Andersen show this time Kleiza with the jumper. (Raps lead 43-34)
  • Bargs scores extends lead to 11....does it again make it 13
  • DeRozan cuts to the hoop and the pretty finish.
  • Battier for 3....red alert can't leave 3 point shooters open.
  • Reggie Evans with 2 points...that is about his average.
  • At Half Raps shooting 53% Houston just 43%
  • Raptors lead 51-43 at the Half
3rd Quarter

  • Note: Tristan Thompson should not watch Reggie for free throw help
  • Silly foul by Weems
  • DeRozan keeps getting to the rim but can't finish. elbowing Miller in head making him bleed might be why on latest attempt.
  • Houston chopped lead to 3.
  • Wide Open 3 for Martin
  • Battier a 3 and he nails it...Oh that leaky perimeter defence.
  • Houston leading this QTR 15-4 and in game 58-55.
  • Tough shooting night for double d at 2-10 to this point.
  • Weems takes a blow to the face and he checks out to get checked out.
  • Bargs fouled on the first time he has been to line tonight...needs to get to line more.
  • Game getting a little chippy and DeRozan in the middle of it takes out a Rocket with foul.
  • Calderon in and makes a bucket lead is just uno for Houston.
  • another for Jose and keeps the lead at uno for Houston.
  • Rockets push out to 5 point advantage.
  • Amir forces Scola turnover
  • Jose hooks up double D with easy deuce.
  • Amir a basket and more nice D and Raptors back to within a bucket.
  • Houston a couple easy buckets. Triano seen enough time out. Raptors down 6.
  • Time out works Raps go on 7-0 run out of time out to take the lead.
  • Raptor Lead After 3- 75-74

4th Quarter

  • DeRozan the steal and takes it the distance to draw the foul with game tied at 76
  • Only gets 1 of 2 and Miller hits his mid range J.
  • Klezia and Martin trade 3 pointers.
  • A Kleiza explosion like we saw in the 2nd as he scores again to give Raps the lead.
  • Turnover and smart point guard play from Jose leads to Amir being fouled
  • like the second as well here comes Andresen now with a jumper. Raps lead is 5
  • Bench has 30 points
  • Andersen misses a 3 but got back on D and made a steal.
  • Play out of time for Demar and he gets to the line.
  • makes both and lead is a touchdown.
  • more double D attacking the hoop. Again back at the line.
  • Again 2 for 2 and lead is 90-81 Raptors
  • Bargs trying to hard to get his shot off and it doesn't fall.
  • Houston makes a little push to pull back to 91-85
  • Double D again drives and draws contact.
  • Big corner 3 by Lowry....Andrea 2 point answer..95-90 Raps
  • Raps been to line 15 times in Quarter Demar leading the charge.
  • More double D driving like a demon and drawing contact.
  • Rough night at the line 7-12
  • 1:25 left Raps lead 98-94.
  • Corner 3 for Houston...No.
  • Calderon the sneaky speed drive to the hoop and the finish.
  • Amir Johnson the block... Jose the TD Pass....WEEMS KABOOM!!! BALL GAME!!!
  • Make THE FINAL.....Raptors 106-96
For first time this season Raptors on a winning streak...2 in a row. Good effort and it could have slipped away in the 3rd but the Raptors would not allow it to happen. They fought back and closed it out with a tight rotation but an effective one as the bench was huge. All those warm fuzzy feelings could go away fast with a angry Celtics team coming to town on Sunday. Boston was terrible on D for 3 quarters but stepped it up in the 4th and almost stole a win from the K.Dless Thunder. But for now Raptors win and move to 2-3 at the ACC on the the season.

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