The Big Announcement....

So that is it MGD are doing this promotion with us to send you to see the Raptors and Nuggets on December 10, 2010 with Myself and Danielle from DNB as yours host and hostess for the evening. MGD is doing other promotions as well and you can check them out on their Facebook page for other chances to win stuff. Obviously you must be of legal age to win this contest as well as your guest. Aside from that you just have to win the tickets. I am working on some other things for the evening to make it a great experience for all our winners. Details on those as they get all worked out.

You will have a great night and be well taken care of by the people from MGD. I was one of their guests for the Raptors only win of the season vs the Cavs. Aside from the fact the Raptors won it was a fantastic night from beginning to end. Food and beverages and you get made to feel like a VIP which feels pretty good. So with all that being said you are likely saying SHUT UP James and tell me how I can win?


As I mentioned in the video the goal is to find people that read and support the blog. So if you are have been a DNB reader this contest is going to favour you having a chance to win. These questions should not be hard for the average DNB Reader to answer. So from now till Next Wednesday there will be 5 trivia questions in the Dino Nation Blog. When and where they will be is up to us. Yeah that is right we are making sure you are reading the blog. So first part is finding the 5 questions. Also you need to get the answers right. Once all 5 questions have been asked you can send your answers to Dinonationblog@Gmail.com. All Entries need to be submitted by Thursday noon and the winner will be contacted later that afternoon.

The winner will be selected from all those with the most correct answers. So with that said here is Question #1

The DNB had a comedic segment that had 2 animated hosts what was it called and what are the names of the hosts?

This is going to be a lot of fun and more details on things as we go along. Thanks to MGD for giving you the DNB readers this cool opportunity.The other ways to win and more details as we roll through the month.

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