Bobcats Basement Battle Preview

The Bobcats were flying high last season making the playoffs for the first time in Franchise history. In the off-season they saw Raymond Felton take his talents north, not south, to New York. That leaves Larry Brown with D.J Augustin as his point guard. It could have been Jose Calderon but M.J or Brown pulled the plug on Bryan Colangelo.

The Basics
: Bobcats 1-6 (Only Win Nov 3rd @ N.J) Raptors 1-6 (Lost 5 straight)

When We Last Saw Them: I was at the ACC and was witness to the Raptors taking a 1-2 punch from Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. The Raptors would dig to big a hole, and despite out scoring the Warriors in the 2nd half, it was not enough and the Raptors lost their 5th in a row 109-102. Barbosa left this game with a shoulder injury and his status for tonight is not known. Jarrett Jack was also banged up but he vows he will play.

Random Bobcat Facts: A murder suspect was arrested at a Bobcats game this year. Today is Bobcats starting point guard D.J Augustin's Birthday.

Key Match-Ups: Jarrett Jack is not at 100% and D.J Augustin is trying to establish himself as the starting point guard in Charlotte. Should be a good match up at the point guard. Also Jose Calderon may be forced into action based on how Jack is. Will Jose be motivated to play against a team that rejected him? The other match-up to keep an eye on is Demar DeRozan going against Stephen Jackson who is the guy that can lead the scoring charge for Charlotte.

X-Factors- Gerald Wallace and Reggie Evans will battle, bang and hustle and it should be a good fight.

Other Things of Note: We will be liveblogging this one on The Score.com and Score Mobile. The Raptors have a 14-7 record vs Bobcats all time and are 7-3 vs Charlotte at the ACC. Want a key to victory? How about the team that doesn't turnover the ball wins. Bobcats turn it over on average 18 times a game and the Raptors 16.7. Raptors average 10 more points a game scoring the basketball 99.9 to 89.9 per game.

In Case You Missed It: We talked with Reggie Evans in the DNB and we had a big announcement for all of you DNB readers. Speaking of that it is trivia time

DNB Trivia Question #2- What is the name of our interview segments here on the Dino Nation Blog?

Update: Couple things Barbosa is out and was sighted at practice with a sling. Also off the floor story started kicking around today that Richard Peddie is stepping down from his position in MLSE.

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