Thanks For The B-Day Love Dino Nation

Dino Nation:

I honestly was going to leave my birthday alone in the blog. You reach a certain point where a birthday is just a reminder that you are getting old. Working doing this blog, it is not lost on me the fact that everyone is younger than me for the most part. I am still out here doing what I love trying to get ahead in an online world where most people are way younger. I barely knew who Drake was...I still do not understand where this "Dougie" dance came from? Did John Wall invent it? I have no idea. In a few days I will have all my thoughts on the past year for the Dino Nation Blog. It has kind of become a tradition. They never draw a lot of hits but it nice to sit back and reflect on where the blog has been and where it is going.

But main reason I am writing this is all of you. One of the great joys for me in doing this blog has been getting to know so many fantastic people. Not just people in the media and players on the Raptors roster but all of you. The people that read the blog, that follow on Twitter and support this blog and myself. So to have so many people taking time to acknowledge that it is your birthday and taking that minute to make me aware that they care is humbling. I mean who the heck am I? How the heck does someone like me have over 1000 followers on Twitter? If I added up every friend I have had in life it would never come close to 1000.

But that is the thing that I have tried to do here. Is make you all feel like you are not just readers and hits on a website. But people that I consider as my friends and like an extended family. That is one thing I have always wanted this place to be. I am happy to say almost 3 years done, that I feel it is that. I am happier to say, that I have made the effort this year to meet so many people. As some of you know I care for my mother, and that prior to the blog being around led to me kind of being closed off from the rest of the world to a point. But thanks to this blog and all of you that is no longer the case.

I am grateful to so many that it would be unfair to single people out. But to all of you that have taken the time to get to know me. I thank you so very much. It is truly the best gift that anyone can ever receive. I work as hard as I do based in part on that. I truly bust my butt for all of you folks not only to advance myself and my dreams and goals but to take all of you along for the ride.

So once again to all of the people that took the time to wish me well on my Birthday...I say Thank You and wish all of you the same if not more.

With Much Love



  1. Happy Birthday to you James! I said it on Twitter but I might as well get you from here too! Hope you had a great day and more to come :) CHEERS!

  2. Love this blog James...totally from the heart and I can feel your love, honesty and sincerity through your words. Keep up the good work!!!