The Dino Blogger Has A Very Canadian Plan To Fix The Raps

I'm not sure if this is a good sign as we are less than 24 hours into the Raptors All Star break but I am already playing with a trade machine. I came up with 2 trades that drastically change the Raptors. 5 players go and 4 come back. If you like Canadian content you will love this idea. So are you ready to see my master plan?

To Raptors:

Steve Nash

To Suns

Jose Calderon

Jason Kapono

Jamario Moon.

That is part 1 but wait there is more

To Raptors:

Shawn Marion

Joel Anthony

Jamal Maglorie

To Heat:

Jermaine O'Neal

Joey Graham

I have added to the Canadian content of the Raptors. In fact in 14 years the Raps have had 0 Canadians and in 5 minutes on ESPN Trade Machine I have given them 3. Now does any of this make any sense that is the real question right? Well let's walk through it and see. I will at least defend myself.

The Suns Deal

Would the Suns really move Steve Nash? Why wouldn't they when it seems that he is not exactly thrilled with the new system and Calderon fits that system better than Nash. They also add Kapono who has experience playing with Shaq and as bonus you through in Jamario Moon who is expiring anyway and maybe could provide a spark if he caught fire who knows.

So why would the Raptors make a 3 for 1 trade for Steve Nash? Before we even talk basketball as I have been saying the marketing of Steve Nash coming back home to Canada is worth it. Seriously can you imagine what that would do for the national profile for the Raptors? In a season in which you have had this team take a hit in that regard for bad play and a worse T.V contract that leaves many people shut out from seeing the Raptors this is a move that can turn the page on all of that. Now for the basketball. Did you happen to see Roko Ukic last night? Pretty good right? How good could he be working with Steve Nash for a year and a half at least? I would venture to say pretty good. Chris Bosh gets a two time MVP as a team mate that is sure a lot better than a washed up six time all star isn't it? I think so. Bosh may as well after playing with Nash for a bit. Jay Triano and Nash have a solid relationship and to have a coach with a point guard that thinks the same way as him and has an understanding of what you want is great. It could save Jay Triano his job and buy him time.

The Miami Deal

The answer for this one is pretty simple. Save D Wade. It is not about what the Heat get in J.O and Graham as much as it is about the contract you get. Recruiting players to play in South Beach is a tad bit easier task as opposed to Toronto. Anthony and Maglorie are expiring contracts and have far more appeal for people in Toronto. Riley is said to be high on Anthony but if he can have J.O and not have the headache of trying to resign Anthony why not. Graham can replace Marion as a much lesser player but perhaps is on the rise and you would have his rights as a restricted free agent.

Why Raptors? Well if you made deal number 1 and have Steve Nash that may help Marion. He may hate to admit it but he has not been the same player since leaving Nash in the Shaq trade. If it fails and he is still the same Shawn Marion. No problem he is off the books and you have some money to build the new Raptors around Nash and Bosh. You also were able to hang on to Anthony Parker at the end of all of this. His money is off the books. Anthony and Maglorie are not long term guys as well with expiring deals. Although the Raptors should look to keep Joel Anthony. I think he has talent. So there you have it. 3 Canadians and a whole new look for the Raptors. By this point I am sure you have formed opinions. Is this me having played to much NBA 2k9 or is it a case that has some merit. I think it is possible and makes sense for all the parties involved.

This is not a rumour or anything like that. I am just thinking on my own and seeing if it makes sense. It does for me. I mean let's face it from my perspective I am not going to miss any of the guys I have sent away. But I can make a case for the teams they have been sent to in wanting them. Is it a strong case? Not sure but it is case none the less. Colangelo convinced Utah to take Haffa so why can't he make this happen? I think he can. But it is a tough trick as individually I am not sure if the deals make sense standing alone. But together I think they add a whole new level of interest in the Raptors. Not that it could make them a playoff contender this year. However does it make them a much different team to watch? Hard not to be when you have moved 5 players.

For Reference sake these deals do work.

Suns Trade

Heat Trade

I have to admit it got me excited to think about this. In a season that has had very little to be excited about. You may not agree with my deals. But I think everyone is thinking big about trade deadline and that is the type of expectation Bryan Colangelo is up against. However don't feel sorry for him because even he admits that he raised our expectations with his comments prior to the season. There has always been this talk of Colangelo wanting to make the Raps the Suns of the East. Well bringing in two of the biggest stars from that team is an interesting way to head down that road isn't it? That is my plan. What is yours?


  1. That is a go for broke trade. It would improve the Raptors, however it would not quite put them up there in the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference. A lineup of Nash-Parker-Marion-Bosh-Bargnani would be fun to watch but it's paper thin and wouldn't hold up in the playoffs. Colangelo needs to take his time. No matter what he does we're not winning it all this or next year. We need a new coach and a new system - which take time to impliment. Bosh has to understand this and be relatively patient and if he can't do that then good riddance, I just hope we get something to work with in return.

  2. I am not making these deals as much for this season as I am next season. If Marion is just here to say hello for a few months you would have money to address the depth. I rarely get into the fantasy trade stuff in the blog or in life that much. But I kind of like this for a lot of reasons. It is just an idea and something for folks to consider

  3. TradeDinobloggerNowFebruary 12, 2009 at 1:35 PM

    Nash would like to join the King in NYC, he does need a ring.

  4. I don't think bloggers can be traded. What Nash does in 2010 is really not the issue is it? down the line it is. But if he walks you got cap room in 2010.

  5. Nash wouldn't be motivated to try his best in a Canadian team with no stars.

  6. Please forward that comment along to Chris Bosh I am sure he would be thrilled to know you think he has no talent and is not a star.

    Aside from that I totally disagree based on his relationship with Triano alone.

  7. James,

    IMO, the Phoenix Suns would not part with Steve Nash in exchange for Calderon, Kapono and Moon.

    Not a Canadian snowball's chance in h*ll of ever happening.

    [NOTE: Exclude salary concerns for a minute and, IMO, the Raptors would need to offer up BOTH Calderon + Bosh ... and maybe even a Draft Pick ... if they have legit designs on acquiring the 2-time MVP. :-)]

  8. You are thinking basketball wise but it seems clear that Nash is not staying and Calderon is a cheaper option signed to a longer term deal. Suns want cut pay roll. Hey it is just an idea. But If I am the Raptors my target is Nash and not Amare. We are also talking Steve Kerr here. I think his G.M skills are not exactly the greatest as we have learned. But hey it is an idea.

  9. I know it may not be the long-term solution, but just the thought of Nash playing in Toronto has made we want to go to a few games. He just seems like a player that makes every body around him active. They know if they go to the hoop, they get the ball. At least games would be a bit more exciting..

  10. You're turning into Suneel Joshi for a day...
    I don't get the point of having many canadians in the team if we can get some other international players who are much better than Magloire and Anthony.

  11. Maglorie is an expiring contract so is Anthony. Maglorie was just to make things work but Anthony has talent and if this franchise wants a national profile beyond winning do international players help do that? Not really.