Raptors Drama Is Starting To Get Serious

So If you have been under a rock you may have missed that Stephen A Smith is saying Bosh has told Colangelo he is leaving in 2010. I consider the source of this info so do I take it seriously? Not really but that being said once a ball starts rolling down a hill it can start moving faster and faster. The Toronto crowd yesterday was less than kind to the Raptors and Bosh. Who can blame them though given the performance that they paid to watch was far from worth the cash. Bosh is still getting paid for yesterday as is everyone else. Fans don't get a rebate on the money they paid out. In this tough economy to put out the money it costs for a Raptor game you expect to get value for it. Fans were not happy with that value and expressed that.

I think it was about a week ago when I said if Bosh leaves I am done cheering for players on this team. I mean it as well. I am going to treat the Toronto Raptors as I would my Michigan Wolverines or some other college programs that I support. It is not a statement by me saying the Raptors are playing to a level of a college team. I mean they are playing bad but I don't think it is to the level of an NCAA team being able to beat the Raptors or anything. Just that I can not have any faith or belief that anyone is here for the long term. Why invest in players if they are not as loyal to the team as I am to them. It doesn't make a lot of sense. So I will cheer for the Toronto or Raptors on the front of the jersey. The numbers are just to identify the different players and the names on the back of the jersey mean nothing.

It is really starting to get out of control with all the losing and rumours that are flying around this team. It all means bad things for the Raptors moving forward. It seems that up to the trade deadline is going to be crazy times around the Raptors. The schedule offers no form of relief. Cleveland and the Lakers back to back. The cherry on this sundae that Laker game in on TSN 2. Oh Joy. It sometimes is a painful life as a Raptor fan isn't it?

Colangelo Says Stephen A Is Wrong- Update Noon Monday

Michael Grange has got reaction from Bryan Colangelo on the ESPN comments of Stephen A Smith. Colangelo says the story is a fabrication.

Globe and Mail Story With Colangelo Reaction


  1. Most of the stories written about trades, signings, and non-signings turn out to be speculation rather than factual but the rationalization for this speculation holds. Toronto would get the best return for a player of Bosh's status if he is being traded when the team isn't under duress and there are teams who would fall all over themselves to have the chance to lock up this all-star far in advance of his opt-out date. If Colangelo wants to tank the year and re-build - NOW is the time to do it! Good young players, expiring contracts, and draft picks are there for the taking (see NY's David Lee, Wilson Chandler, Dallas's Howard and Bass) Not to mention the Raptors' own likely top 4 pick in this years draft.
    BC has a lot to consider!

  2. Stephen A. Smith Should be Shot for all the (MADE UP) S***T he says about Toronto Raptors through the years.


  3. How bout a pie in the face? I don't think anyone including Stephen A Smith should be shot over anything said about basketball. I mean yeah has been a jerk to the Raptors and Canada, I think so. But that being said he is just someone trying to make a living covering basketball. Do I admire his methods in going about that? Not at all. But this is an extreme reaction to say the least. No on deserve death over anything least of all basketball.