Another Player Raptors Risk Getting Nothing For?

It was kind of not taken seriously by some when I suggested that Jose Calderon would be unhappy and not want to remain in Toronto. ESPN report later and suddenly I am looking like I know what I am talking about. The problem is while Calderon believe it or not does have interest from a number of teams they are content to play chicken with the Raptors about getting him. In most of the situations talked about Calderon would just be a rental starting PG or if acquired through a trade a really expensive back up.

The team that could use him most is likely the Dallas Mavericks. However the Mavericks would only need him for this season. It seems that Mark Cuban and company are happy to wait till the Amnesty deadline of July 17th and see if the Raptors will blink and just Amnesty Calderon. This is not something the Raptors plan on doing.

If Calderon is not able to be moved you are asking for trouble in a couple of ways as stated yesterday. 1) You have a PG controversy from the opening day of training camp. Or 2) what happens if Jose gets hurt in Olympics again? Raptors in both cases would prefer to avoid that. My guess is regardless of Calderon situation the Raptors will look strongly at bringing in the best PG from their Summer League Roster. Which includes Ben Uzoh who they had on a few 10 day contracts, Bobby Brown who Raptors had the last time we had Summer League a few years ago was on that roster.

That said there is a huge drop off from Lowry to either of them. Bryan Colangelo has a real problem on his hands and it is going to be interesting to see how he finds a way out of it. Seems some NBA Teams are not willing to make a deal for Calderon but would strongly encourage Bryan Amnesty Calderon so they could swoop in and get him for nothing but what it would take to bid for him via Amnesty.

After letting Chris Bosh walk for nothing and the Raptors history of getting very little to nothing for their key players the idea of Calderon being gone for nothing is not one they really want to see happen. Given their history though it one that would surprise almost no one. It is no secret around the league that Calderon has been available after the failed trade for him with Charlotte. The Raptors already did let Bayless (Sign w/Grizzlies) walk for nothing who was the key piece in the trade for Jarret Jack when he was moved. There is a long history of guys that have not been able to play with Jose Calderon long term in a PG tandem. The Raptors would like to keep Kyle Lowry's name off this list despite stating the opposite. The difference is this time it is Calderon that is going to be tossed aside but the Raptors are doing everything possible to make sure it is not for nothing. 

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