Gray Monday.

So the Raptors re-signed Aaron Gray over the weekend to a 2 year deal. Maybe I should have done this on the weekend but it was hard to see this as big enough to news  to interrupt the weekend for. I am happy for Gray though who truly earned this contract with his play last season. After his health concerns to start the year he became a nothing flashy no non-sense option for the Raptors at center. One wonders if this means the end of Jaamal Maglorie experiment as well. It is hard to imagine the need for him should the Roster remain intact in terms of big men. Ironic the man that guaranteed the Raptors would make the playoffs at the final game of last season may not even be on the roster. Actually it is just more reason why he never should have said it or been the guy addressing the crowd to begin with.

Still one would hope that Bryan Colangelo has a few more rabbits left in his hat at this point. If not this roster doesn't look like it can be a playoff team in the East at this point. This combined with the fact that many rumours are rumbling that Nets are closing in on a deal for Dwight Howard with the Magic. Not just for the Raptors but for the entire division that would be huge news that would no doubt alter expectations.

Talk seems to have died off about a deal between the Sixers and Raptors for Iguodala. Personally I was never a fan of the purposed deal that was out there. I think in terms of Andre Iguodala Raptor fans tend to over rate him slightly based on a couple of things. He has a history of playing very well against the Raptors. There is also the fact that Rob Babcock if he had a brain would have drafted him instead of Rafael Araujo. In comparing anyone to him they have to look better it is impossible not too.

Bryan Colangelo still needs a few moves before you can seriously start to consider this team a playoff contender in the Eastern Conference. There just isn't enough to see this team taking that big step. It is not the Raptors have not improved by what he has done it is just some other teams have improved a lot more. There is no question the Magic look to be a lock to fall out of the playoffs but it seems more and more likely the Brooklyn Nets will fill in that spot.In terms of the other 7 playoff teams last season can you honestly say the Raptors are better than any of them at this point? I can't really. So that would suggest more work needs to be done. Even with signing "The Peoples MVP" Aaron Gray.

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