Raptors With News Off The Floor As They Win On It In Vegas.

Some big news before we get to all this Summer League bunk. The Savior Jonas Valanciunas has been signed. He is not here in Vegas Summer League as he will be taking his talents to London for his nation of Lithuania, as they qualified earlier in the month. Raptors could use him as they are 0-3. I know it is only Summer League and all of that.,,,,But still the Raptors haven't even been close to winning to this point. Ed Davis has been doing well though. There is that.

The Game

Kings jumped out to a 6-2 lead as they are led by JIMMER. But the Raptors would storm back and on Bobby Brown 3 would lead 10-7. The aforementioned Jimmer was 0-4. Terrance Ross would make a shot to extend  the lead to 5. Finally the Jimmer would hit one and it was 14-10 Raptors with under 4 to play in the first. After a strong debut and a couple ho hum games Terrance Ross early was showing off  the total back on the defensive end of the floor. That would be part of what helped the Raptors to an 18-14 lead.

Raptors opened the 2nd with a couple baskets to build a 22-14 lead. Joesph brother of Cory with a 3 and lead is up to 11 points. Raptors lead 31-23, but some news breaking as the Raptors play, that will not be good for Ben Uzoh and Bobby Brown. Raptors are on the verge of signing John Lucas III away from the Chicago Bulls. This would also make it much easier to move Jose Calderon should the Raptors want to do that or more likely are able to do that. Back in Vegas Devoe Joesph was have a nice performance with 10 early. Ross is looking good in this one as he makes a nice jumper. Jimmer for the Kings is finally getting on target he nails a three to get Kings back to single digits down seven. Kings were chipping away get lead down to 5. Ross with a nice steal but perhaps an ill advised three in transition that he misses. Ross would make up for that with a pretty jam off an inbound play. Raptors would close the half with Bobby Brown drive to hoop for the score and Raptors lead 47-39 at the half shooting 47% from the field.

Raptors keep the hot hands coming out of the locker room for 2nd half and extend the lead to 52-39. This was a fun game with some highlights on both ends and Raptors still controlling things with a 58-48 lead. Landry Fields was on commentary for this 3rd Quarter and guy is funny and distracting me from writing stuff. Bobby Brown score to re-establish a 14 point Raptor lead with score 67-53. Raptors fight hard and keep the 14 point lead heading the 4th leading 77-63.

Teams continued to trade buckets to start the 4th with score 81-67 Raptors. Ed Davis was having a tough day today but his Summer League team was pick him up. Davis got stripped in the post and went into another Raptors hands who would score. Davis had been good in first three games today not horrible but 2-9 so far and just 10 points and 6 rebounds. Ross on other hand has 20 and has been having his best complete game of summer league with play on both ends. Raptors had taken this one over with score 92-74 with just 3:02 to play. Kings were making a push late though cutting lead to 10 with 1:48 to play. Raptors were in danger of blowing this and made a line change subbing all 5 players out for the starting 5 with the lead trimmed down to 7. It was far from a great finish but the Raptors will hang on for their first win of Vegas Summer League as they hang on to win 96-89.

Things Of Note: 
  • Former Raptor Assistant Alex English coaching Kings Summer League squad. 
  • Landry Fields I have concluded is a funny dude. 
  • Ross showed off the defensive skills Raptors liked in him
  • Acy remains on sidelines with back bruise.
  • Was most complete effort so far minus the last 3 minutes of the 4th
Heading To Nate Robinson Summer League Hall Of Fame:

Ross 21 points (7-17, 2-3 from 3) 2 rebounds 2 assists and steal (7 Fouls- Only in SL)

Heading to NBDL:

Will be kind we got a win and no one was really awful in this one. Ed Davis did have an off day but he has been pretty solid for the first three games. Davis was 2-9 from field but did have 10 points and 9 rebounds.

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