Bayless is UFA...Something Must Be Up?

Some more Raptor News that might lead to something bigger? Raptors have rescinded their qualifying offer to Jerryd Bayless. This could be just a case of with the edition of Kyle Lowry there really would be no place for him on the roster to get playing time. That would be the simple answer. It also might be the Raptors trying to clear some cap room for something. Bayless Qualifying offer was for 4,164,881. The Raptors also have a qualifying offer for Sonny Weems that as of right now is still on the table to the best of our knowledge.

Regardless of the reason why it would appear Jerryd Bayless and his time with the Raptors could be coming to an end. Bayless was always a great person in his time here and showed a great love and desire to remain part of the Raptors rebuilding process. It is not impossible he could return at a lesser salary but the Raptors would no longer hold the ability to match any offers he gets. He would be free to sign with any other team now.

There were rumours last night of a big trade involving Ed Davis and Demar DeRozan as part of a swap for Andre Iguodala but don't think this move would have anything to do with that. Calderon was also a part of that deal and when you add up the money of contracts exchanging hands it would be fairly close. Anyway guess will wait and see what this ends up meaning at the end of the day.

All of this info comes from ESPN and Mark Stein who tweeted this in last few minutes.

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