Ross Impresses But Rockets Win

So it is the Raptors vs the Rockets, kinda, sorta but not really. These two teams hooked up for a trade that sees Kyle Lowry make his way north and Rockets getting an undetermined lottery pick for the future and Gary Forbes. Josh earlier today gave you an excellent break down of your Raptors Summer League Edition in the blog. Ed Davis says I am sleeping on him as he informed me on Twitter. I can assure Ed and all of you that no one is sleeping on Ed Davis right now. He is the main guy that everyone will be focused on as the Raptors play these next 5 games. Davis was not able to have a Summer League after his rookie season with the Raptors due to the NBA Lockout. The lack of time he had with coaching staff as a result of that lockout led to a season in which people expected more than what Ed provided. That is not sleeping on Ed it is just being honest about it. This is a chance for him to give people reason to feel good about him.

Aside from Davis the Raptors have rookies Terrance Ross and Quincy Acy to get their first looks from Raptor fans. However perhaps the most vital thing of this Vegas Summer League will be the two point guards the Raptors have on this squad. Ben Uzoh the last Raptor to record a triple double as he was playing with Toronto on 10 day contracts at the end of last season. Bobby Brown who was on the 2010 SL roster and is a guy that is friendly with guys on the squad like Demar and Amir. Who wins this battle might ultimately win a job on this roster. Especially with talk the Raptors and Jose Calderon seem to be heading for the NBA version of a divorce. So that might be the biggest thing to watch over the next 5 games.

The Game:

Raptors win the tip and Ed Davis ends up with a jumper that misses. That is how your Summer League begins. Ross would open the scoring with hitting a corner 3 after a stop for Raptors on D. Ed would get a score and one showing off some of that strength he is adding? Makes the and one. NBA-TV had score board screwed up but after Joesph Canadian Content three ball it was 11-7 Raptors. Ross gets to the line with 4:54 to play makes a couple. This seems a good time to remind you that in Summer League it is 10 minute quarters and you also get 10 fouls. Raptors offense hit the skids and Houston was taking advantage of Raptors with some new folks on the floor including former Orlando first rounder Daniel Orton. Rockets lead 22-17. Brown still chucking and hits one from deep. Ross a half court buzzer beater does not fall so Rockets lead 22-20 after one.

Acy looks and plays a lot like Reggie Evans, but offense is a little different as he shows with a nice jumper. Ross showed why he has that Twitter handle with a throw down on a Ben Uzoh feed very nice. Sparked the Raptors a bit and they were back on top 29-24. But the Rocket would battle back and re-take lead with 3:47 to play in half 33-31. I would suspect coach Casey will not be thrilled with the defense. Ed Davis has a sneaky 10 points and 4 rebounds as he tries to steal some spotlight from Ross who was most impressive Raptors on the floor to this point. Make that 12 as Davis caught fire near end of the half.  It was 41-40 at half Rockets.

Motiejunas with a nice post move on Ed Davis for a score in paint. He has been big for Rockets with 13 to lead all scorers at this point in game in the early 3rd. Joesph finally got the Raptors on the board in the 2nd half after 2:20 of nothing on offense. Rockets were scoring though and lead 47-42. Ross with another 3 and Raptors were back to within 2 points after a sluggish start. Ed Davis with some need D with a block and Ross with a slam and finish on the other end. Ross is winning over people by leaps and bounds in his debut. Ben Uzoh having a nice day as well hits a jumper and this puppy was tied at 52. Raptors and Rockets would keep it close and Raptors would stick their nose in front 62-61 after 3.

Bobby Brown nail his funky funky three to open up the 4th. It seems that both Raptor point guards have been keeping up on the NBA news as relates to Jose Calderon. Bobby Brown doing it by scoring with 13 and not shy from 3 attempting 8 and making 3. Uzoh doing a little bit of everything with 6 boards and 5 rebounds and 3 dimes. That said the Rockets would getting better of play in the 4th leading 74-70 with about 5 and change to play. Daniel Orton in first summer league game for Orlando was kicked out. Seems he hasn't learned a lot as he got a tech for the Raptors in his debut with them. This game was slipping away from the Raptors but a nice hard foul from Ed Davis. He turns it over on the other end though when I try to give him some love. Rockets turn that into points and lead 81-70. Ed Davis would get bailed out with a fould and split a pair but then on the transition would show a little something with a slam. Learn how to spell Motiejunas as he was taking over this game late. Davis left him wide open for a three. He would score again and had a game high 25. Ross with a drive and score for the lay-up in garbage time to give him 21 to lead the Raptors in scoring but it was not enough as Rockets take it 93-81.  

Things Of Note:
  •  Ross and Ed Davis lead Raps in scoring at half with 12 each. Davis also had 6 boards but 4 fouls to go along with that. 
  • Ben Uzoh appears to be following the Calderon News and playing like he wants a job
  • Getting beat on Glass early 22-16 after 1st half.
  • B.C was on broadcast and once again said Jose is not happy about the trade. But would not confirm or deny he has asked to be traded. 
  • Raptors D overall was not that impressive. Really fell apart in the 4th.
  • Ed Davis looked more aggressive still a work in progress.
  • Ross made a lot of fans today.

Heading To Nate Robinson Summer League Hall Of Fame:

Terrance Ross:  21 points 8-19 (3-8 from 3) 3 rebounds 2 assists, 2 steals and two Hi-light Slams

Heading to the NBDL: 

Daniel Orton: 0 points 3 rebounds and boneheaded tech foul.

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