Lowry and Fields Introduced At ACC

If you were hoping to see Steve Nash come to Toronto today will not measure up. That said ultimately that has nothing to do with Kyle Lowry or Landry Fields being Raptors. Lowry was rocking a bow tie for his presser that will make one of the members of Team DNB happy. Colangelo was on hand to introduce both and off the top touted both players abilities to play on the defensive end. "Two Gritty, strong, tough, defensive players" one of the many words Colangelo had to say praising his latest acquisitions. 

Lowry right out of the gate mentioned he felt could lead this team to playoffs. Fields was not making any predictions. Both stated that they were happy to be part of Toronto and Lowry even referred to Toronto as the T-Dot. Lowry said he went online to check out the Raptors roster when he found out about the trade. That might not speak well to the Raptors being known in the U.S. Lowry talked about working on his jumper and talking about working hard and getting his work done early. He also talked about his background in Philly and his relationship with former Raptor Alvin Williams.

Lowry was coming across as a very confident young man stating when asked about the ceiling on his skills he said he doesn't put one on himself. Colangelo talked about competition throughout the roster and including at the point guard position if Jose Calderon were to be back. Lowry echoed the comments of work and working hard throughout many of his answers. Fields was much more understated in comments a lot of times agreeing with stuff Kyle had said previously. When asked who he was looking forward to playing with Fields said Lowry. Which was an odd answer seeing as when he signed his offer sheet Lowry was not a Raptor. He had said he was excited to join the Raptors who had a lot of young up and coming talent.

Lowry will wear 3 and Fields will wear 9. There was mention of Nash of the top but no questions about him to Colangelo or Fields in the role his signing of his offer sheet played in the Raptors push to get Nash. Lots of talk of a fresh start for both and opportunity. I might add another word and that is pressure as this Raptor fan base is tired of losing and will hope these are to pieces of the puzzle to turning this team around. It is not going to be an easy challenge. Lowry certainly came of as a confident young man. Some Raptor fans wanted him all along and at least by his words today you can kind of see why. His play speaks for itself. Fields will have a chance to restore his promise that seemed to get taken away once the Knicks acquired Carmelo Anthony.

Time will tell if these are moves in the right direction. Unlike if this was Steve Nash being introduced there will need to be some winning that happens before everyone including the casual basketball fans are willing to buy into what the Raptors are selling.

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