Nash Watch 3.3

Been a busy day for Nash watch. It would appear the big hold up is no longer a factor. That is the good news. The bad news or what could be is that the Brooklyn Nets have re-signed Deron Williams for 5 years and 100 million dollars or close to that. The Mavericks had their 4 year 74 million dollar offer rejected. Now one wonders if they jump into the Steve Nash mix. It has been reported that Nash would be the fall back for not only the Nets but for the Mavericks as well. So it is Mark Cuban vs Bryan Colangelo. Last time it was Colangelo that walked away with Nash to the Suns without Cuban putting up much of a fight if at all. This time around it may be different. Which is ironic given Cuban originally let Nash leave Dallas for fear he was getting to old and would not last for the long haul. Two MVP awards with Suns later we sit at this point.

Chris Paul did not sign an extension with the Clippers and would Cuban wait another year to be in the mix for Paul and pass on Nash or try to get him on a one year deal? It doesn't seem likely based on all that Nash has said that he would be interested in that. The other factor is Dirk who Nash build a strong friendship with in his time in Dallas. However is that honestly enough to out weigh a nation that is waiting for Steve Nash to give the thumbs up to the Raptors? Was Nash waiting to see if Nets missed on Williams? That seems unlikely but if that was the case Nash should now be free and clear to come to Toronto. But clearly everyone thinks he was waiting for Dallas to see if they landed Williams.

The time has come for Steve Nash to make his choice so it should not be long now before we know if Steve Nash is going to come home and be cheered by Raptor fans or break their hearts and return to Dallas as he returned to Phoenix who drafted him originally. Tic tic tic...were waiting!!!

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