DNB Top 10- 10 Signs You Have Nashism

Normally in the DNB Top 10 we have a lot of fun and joke around. Today we talk about a serious problem that has run ramped on the Raptor fan base. It is Nashism it is believed to have started from Raptor fans hunger and desire to see Steve Nash Join the Toronto Raptors. But what are the signs you have Nashism?
  • Have you called any member of your family Steve? In serious cases was this family member a female? 
  • Have you already added Steve Nash to the Raptors on NBA2K12? 
  • Have you thought the Raptors should have just kidnapped him and bring him home?
  • Do you pray for Steve Nash to come in your nightly prayers? 
  • Would you consider Steve Nash being Prime Minster of Canada a bargaining Chip?
  • Do you feel Justin Beiber and Drake should have wrote a song begging Steve to play here? 
  • Do you own a Jose Calderon Voo Du Doll? (Honestly I don't)
  • Have you watched this video at least 20 times today just to see Steve? 
  • Have you showered or bathed since July 1st 12:01 am? 
  • Did you not give a damn about NHL Free Agency? 
If you answered yes to any of the following you may in fact have Nashism. There is unfortunately only one know cure that we are aware of. What is it? For Steve Nash to take his 36 Million Dollars and come home to Canada. Here are the 10 symptoms that you for sure have Nashism.

  1. Steve Nash may want to be a Raptor? Really? 
  2. ESPN is saying Steve Nash could be a Raptor? Get out? 
  3. Raptors offered him 36 Million is that all? 
  4. Steve Nash wants money and doesn't care about no stupid ring. 
  5. Knicks have Jeremey Lin why would they even bother wasting time on Nash? 
  6. Nets suck. ( If you had Nashism you might have missed the trades) 
  7. Dallas he would never go back there. They gave up on him. 
  8. B.C and Nash are like best friends. No way Colangelo can screw this up. 
  9. Pacers? Why would anyone want to play for Pacers and live in Indiana? 
  10. Why hasn't he signed with us already what the hell is he waiting for? 
The sad thing is this has also lead to another frighting disease called the LL What is LL short for? Not Ladies Love....But Lowry Love. Here are signs you have that.  

  1. I hate my country and Steve Nash
  2. I like Lowry more for "Basketball Reasons" 
  3. I believe in potential All-Stars more than actual All-Stars 
  4. I fail to see anything outside of my basketball bubble. 
  5. Lowry was so damn funny in Bad Boys. Not as much in Bad Boys II
  6. Houston is such a great team easy to see why he can't play there. 
  7. I hate anyone over 35
  8. Toronto can never have enough potential All Stars. Isn't that right Andrea Bargnani?
  9. Raptors can only trade for a good player never actually sign one. 
  10. I don't want MLSE to make more money because they have a ton already. 
  This is a problem as well. Clearly there is no hope for these people. They are likely cheering for Cuba in the Olympics and are likely communists. But whatever the case is could we just get an answer already is that to much to ask for? TSN needs to make a special Steve Nash the decision. I sent this idea to them but they thought I meant Rick Nash and said he is not coming to the Toronto Maple Leafs. So Rick Nash plays hockey in that Hockey Hotbed of Columbus Ohio right? In any case what ever afliciton you have we here at the Dino Nation Blog hope you will be cured soon.

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