DNB Top 10- Who To Blame For Steve Nash Not Coming Home

Sure we got Kyle Lowry and that may prove to be a decent move. But still, a lot of us really wanted Steve Nash to come home, so we need to blame some people for this. So let's pass out the blame there is lots to go around.

#10- David Stern- If you had just let the Lakers have Chris Paul last year we would have got Nash this year. Not many people like him and he already gets blamed for lots of things already. You also never rigged the lottery for us to draft Anthony Davis.

#9- Leo Rautins- He could never get Steve Nash to play for Team Canada and maybe if we didn't have him as broadcaster Steve Nash would have come home. Everyone likes Jack Armstrong so it can't be his fault.

#8- Kobe Bryant- Wasn't 81 points against us enough? Now you have to force the Lakers to make a move so you can get your 6th ring? Even if you get it and get Nash his first you know you will never be better than Jordan right?

#7- ESPN- Why did we believe the same network that told us Lebron James and Chris Bosh would be Knicks? In fact Jalen Rose guaranteed they would be. ESPN never gets stuff right and had we not been so emotional and filled with National Pride we would have known that.

#6 TSN- Why? For not being more like ESPN and coming up with things to make us hopeful Steve Nash would come here. No you are more concerned with Rick Nash who is no where close to Steve Nash. Your parent company is a part owner of the team it wouldn't hurt to you know cover the biggest story for the Raptors in years a little more.

#5 Wayne Gretzky- Why would we ever trust a hockey player? One person on Twitter suggested Paulina Gretzky would have done a better job than you did. You weren't suppose to convince him to go to L.A like you did. You confused CP24 so much they reported Steve Nash signed with the L.A Kings.

#4 Bill Duffy (Steve Nash's Agent)- Why did you have to do such a good job? Like to get so much interest for 38 year old point guard? Who are you frigging Jerry Maguire? We showed the money what more were we suppose to do? By the way do you represent media people?  I would love to get some more money so call me?

#3 Robert Sarver (Suns Owner)- You had no problem screwing over the Knicks so why not your Division Rival? Is it that Bryan Colangelo left and since than your team has kind of sucked and that is why Nash is leaving? How can that be our fault? Some Raptor fans would have gladly given you Bryan back for Steve.

#2 Bryan Colangelo- You made us believe you could do this. We should have known better. But still you made us believe you could do this. Sure you got Kyle Lowry and all but that isn't the same and we all know it. Good luck with your next contract you might need it.

#1 Steve Nash- What is the deal? I mean you picked your kids over your country? This whole I am nice guy thing is great and all. Still I am sure the Raptors would have sent the private plane to get the kids anytime you want them. MLSE could cut a check to their mom to make it so. You were suppose to bring balance to force and save the Jedi's. Oh wait that wasn't you. Anyway now we have to hold our noses and hope you get a ring with Kobe? NO THANKS THUNDER UP!!!

I feel better now that I have blamed some folks. But you know what the person I blame the most isn't on this list. It is myself for believing this could happen and was going to happen. So many of us thought this could really happen and sadly it didn't. Every time I look at Landry Fields I am going think of what might have been. Plan B could turn out very well and it still will not fill the empty hole in my heart that wanted to see Steve Nash come home and play in Canada for the only Canadian Team left in the NBA.

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