DNB Touting Were On Tout, While Lowry Touting Playoffs?

Ok this maybe a really stupid idea or it might be a good one. Time will tell I am guessing. So as most of you know I am somewhat of a wrestling junkie and even started a blog for fun about it. In WWE they have started promoting this site called Tout. Not surprisingly they own part of this company. Basically what it is a video sharing site with just quick 15 second video takes. So I figured why not give this a shot and see if it can help us be more interactive with you. Here is my first Video Tout asking you about something Kyle Lowry had to say. I have yet to figure out how you embed these things so for now just use this link. You can also follow us on Tout @DNBOnTout. This may be The Next Big Thing in social media or it might be another idea we just let die. Basically your involvement will determine that.

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