Nash Watch 3.4

Just when it started to make some sense, It gets more confusing. The L.A Lakers have been fairly quiet if you had not noticed. Now they are making noise. Yes you probably guessed it the Lakers are a late entry in the Steve Nash sweepstakes. They like the Knicks would have had to do need this to happen via a sign and trade. The major difference is the Lakers have some assets to make a very attractive package to offer. Ramon Sessions, Jordan Hill and Matt Barnes all or some combination could be part of a package going to the Suns in a sign and trade.

The Mavericks are also now officially in the race. They have Nash at the top of their list but would also make a run a Jeremy Lin but after the events of today you have to figure the Knicks would match. Jason Kidd could also be back and split time with either or? The Knicks are also said to be interested in Kidd as well.

But obviously the news is the Lakers entering the mix. D-12 could also now look at Lakers as a place for his latest demand to be traded to as it would seem the Nets would be capped out and not be able to deal for Orlando's unhappy Superman. The Raptors now have to convince Steve Nash why playing with Kobe Bryant in L.A is a bad idea? Good Luck with that. Also Nash would have the city of L.A to do business in which is pretty appealing as well. This is definitely not the Hollywood ending that Raptor Fans had in mind for Canada's greatest basketball player.

I know I have a headache, I can only imagine what Bryan Colangelo is feeling right now. This seems like it is going to be one hell of a battle to try and land Steve Nash. An even bigger battle than we might have expected heading into Free Agency. As each hour passes you have to feel more concerned that this could all be falling apart for the Raptors. Sure they likely have a plan B but there is nothing that will come close to what plan A was and it really is that simple.

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