Nash Watch 3.2

So the Toronto Raptors have offered Knicks RFA Landry Fields a contract. So why is this in Nash Watch you ask? It is simple really the Knicks have no money to spend so they are like the Heat in terms of what they can offer Steve Nash. However the Knicks were hopeful of creating some sign and trade situation with the Suns to make their offer higher. Some reports say around the 8 million dollar mark. Bryan Colangelo just took away one of the Knicks trading chips of (which they have few) in Landry Fields.

Colangelo is going all out is what this move suggests. If the Raptors end up with Nash they would glad keep Fields to do it. Even if they don't and the Knicks match even better. In the worst case situation Fields is a nice player but does not address a need for Toronto unless the plan is for DeRozan to start the season at small forward or be part of some larger trade yet to surface. More likely the first than the second. But the game just got very real for all involved in the hunt for Steve Nash. Bryan Colangelo truly seems to be all in where it will be Nash or Bust.

Will see what happens next but the Knicks may be out of the game as our the Pacers in my view after signing Hill yesterday to a 5 year deal. The one thing you still worry about is Dallas who seem to be losing their head to head battle with the Nets for Deron Williams. This is just the feeling you get but no one knows for sure. I wonder what trick Colangelo has to battle off Cuban? Not sure if there is one. Still will have to see what lies ahead.

Breaking News: Raps have offered 3 years 20 million to Fields here is the details

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