Nash Watch 4.4- Anything But Toronto Edition

If you are not TOTALLY CONVINCED Steve Nash wants no part of the Raptors or Toronto perhaps the fact a deal with Knicks fell apart and now Nash is once again back in the mix with Lakers after the Suns claimed late last night they would not be part of a sign and trade with L.A. Is it any shock 24 hours later they seem to have flipped their position and done a complete 180. If you have been following a long from beginning to end of this thing likely not. I have gotten to the point I honestly could care less where he ends up and if he ever wins a ring or not whatever. I just think this has been a complete and utter mess by the teams involved. The one thing I have learned is Steve Nash has one hell of an agent. But at the end of the day that really doesn't matter for me.

The Raptors have already started the process of moving on and in talks with Houston to try and pull off some saving face trade for Kyle Lowry. At this point if Colangelo fails at getting that done he miss well send in his notice and quit. It would seem that in the off-season he has needed to perform at his very best he has done anything but. He clearly misread the market for Nash and has the Raptors trying to salvage something from free agency so it is not classed as total epic failure. Raptor fans have been ever thing from red hot angry to depressed and saddened and they have every reason to be. They were told to endure a nothing lockout shortened season to wait for a future where the Raptors could be major players. Instead we have ever reason to believe they got majorly played and became a pawn in a game of chess that would see Steve Nash end up with both money and a chance at a championship. It appears New York was ultimately his first choice and the Raptors cause that to blow up by signing Landry Fields. One has to wonder if that hurt Toronto chances as a fall back position or were they never really in the game at all. Some day maybe someone will write a book on the last 4 days and tell us the truth of it all. For now it seems Canada and Raptors wanted Steve Nash and he wanted no part of them. If that isn't the case Nash's actions seem to suggest that.

Nash on Lakers make them a legit threat to the OKC Thunder but I still think Thunder are the best team is the West and Lakers landing Nash doesn't change that. At least they now are the ones that seem to be on verge of bringing an end to this madness.

I am on the Radio tonight at 11:15 talking Raptors and NBA Free Agency on The Sports Grind you can tune in on CJLO.com 

Breaking: Sources are confirming this Sign and Trade is Final and Lakers are using a trade exemption from the Odom Deal (See Colangelo you can use these things and get you know TALENT) and some draft picks will exchange hands. But bottom line NASH WATCH IS OVER and you can watch him with Kobe and crew in the fall if your stomach can take it.

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