DNB Top 10- Things I Will Not Miss About Summer League

The plan today was to have an interview for you all and it did take place. Problem is the recording of that interview is lost somewhere in my computer and may never be found. A great start to a Friday right? None the less will get that sorted out and I am sure it will be worth the wait. So instead of that let's do a DNB Top 10 of Things I Will Not Miss About Summer League:

#10 People Not Paying Attention To The Game: In many of the Summer League games they have endless amounts of guests that roll through during a broadcast. When these guests stop by the game is shoved to the side as it is not important. Which in fact is true but that is like telling us wrestling is fake. Yes we know that but still want to enjoy it.

#9 Comparisons To Current Players: These kids have enough on their plates before people start comparing them to already established great players. We all do it though aka Acy and Reggie Evans. We really need to stop that especially at Summer League at least.

#8 Getting Reminded I Have Never Been To Las Vegas: Every year this is a reminder to me that I have never been to Las Vegas and I really can't afford to go. One day I will be able to go hopefully but till than this is a personal sore point. 

#7 Trying To Care About Players That Will Never Be On My Team: Some times it is easy to route for these guys, in the case of Brent Petway who was on the Raptors Summer League squad in 2010 it was easy. One he went to Michigan and two he was a guest in this blog. Easy to root for Canadians as well. But in general it is rough to get behind a guy that you know is never making your team. Daniel Orton or Kyle Weems were never going to be Raptors and I knew that from the jump.

#6 Ten Fouls: I mean seriously this just makes games less entertaining. Really who needs to worry about getting a foul in Summer League. When in doubt foul is basically the way it goes even if it is not intentional. When you go into a game knowing you got 10 fouls that is not a great mindset.

#5 Practice Uniforms: They just don't look cool to me. Pretty basic looking and it is a sea of black and white for the most part.

#4 Crowd Shots: It seems part of the whole thing of Summer League is who is watching gets almost as much attention as who is playing. We get it, that lots of NBA execs, coaches and players are in the crowd watching.

#3 Summer League Superstars: You might have noticed in our Recaps I said instead of the player of the game, we went with heading to the Nate Robinson Summer League Hall of Fame. Nate Robinson has his number retired in Summer League after all. Summer League is important, but not to the point that you can think a great performance there automatically equals NBA Success. What gets forgotten is 85-90% of the guys playing in Summer League will not be playing in NBA in the fall. The ones that will of that group, only a select few will be playing major rolls for their team. How many Nate Robinson and Marco Belinelli performances is it going to take for us to get it? Jimmer got 30 points...great...he still isn't good.

#2 Rumours: I hate this time of year for one basic reason. The amount of rumours is endless. There was one a couple weeks ago the Raptors were signing Aaron Gray. Still has yet to happen. Now in the last few days John Lucas III is coming. Still yet to materialize. This along with speculation of Jose Calderon being moved or not moved. It just never ends. I know a lot of people love this time of year. I honestly don't, just give me the facts and not the latest Dwight Howard rumour and I would be happier.

#1 Bad Shooting: Summer League based on what I said in number three is not exactly oozing with talent. Some games have been just unwatchable at times. Yes the games are shorter with just 10 minute Quarters but the seem to drag on with all the bad shooting and parade to free throw line that was mentioned earlier. It just can be a painful experience to watch.

So that is it, now back to the hunt for the lost interview. Truth is I will likely have to re-schedule and redo the interview which I swear to you was good and we had a great guest for you. One way or the other will recreate that interview or if a miracle occurs I will be able to find it.

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