Nash Update 1.1

So just to update you the Raptors are apparently done talking with Steve Nash and now are looking to trade Jose Calderon in a straight dump of salary. This is being done to see if the team can hang on to it's Amnesty option. What it also means it would seem that the meeting went well. The Raptors as we had in the DNB earlier were not shy and came in with a 3 year 36 Million Dollar offer as it has now been confirmed by many sources. If you think that is high consider two things. Calderon was set to make 10.5 Million this year so that is only a 1.5 million increase from his salary for this season. Second Nash's former back-up Goran Dragic is seeking a contract of 10 million a season. Basically free agency isn't cheap. Portland made a big splash signing Roy Hibbert to a max deal offer sheet. Asik is getting 8 Million from the Rockets. Need we go on?

So nothing is done yet and Nash had been scheduled to meet with the Knicks today. They however can come nowhere close to the dollar amount the Raptors have thrown on the table. It could very well be just a curtsey of Nash to hear them out or just simply tell them as one tweeter said to me " I am taking my talents North of the Border" There was talk Nash wanted to take in the Euro Cup final and may take a break to do that. In any case the signs are all point to Steve Nash coming and Jose Calderon going. Talk about a nice Canada Day for me. Will see if this all gets hammered out by midnight tonight for the story book finale. If it is or isn't the Raptors seem on the verge of without question the most historic signing in the history of this franchise and perhaps the greatest moment in the history of this franchise.

I have been tweeting my face off all day looking for the latest on Twitter so if you want up to the second make sure your tuned into @Dinonationblog throughout the day.

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